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Chili in the Crock

I use to cook all the time. I can’t say I love it but it’s not something I mind doing. But lately I’m just cooking the same things over and over again. Boring. And so I’ve slacked off with meals and we’ve just been grabbing whatever and throwing it together. For instance, the other night we had pancakes. That’s it, just pancakes. Not very good, not very healthy, and defiantly not very fulfilling. I need to do better. So, I’ve decided to pull out the Crockpot… because it’s the easiest really. Last night we had chili (picture was an afterthought. Sorry).

Aaron has never liked my chili..and I’ve tried several different recipes… too much meat, not enough beans, leave out the kidney beans, there’s not enough spice, and well, he just doesn’t like it. OK, I get that.. but every now and again I crave it and so he’s forced to gag it down or go hungry. That was last night.. except last night there was no gagging. He actually liked it. What? So, we’re trying to figure out what was different.. Well, besides letting it simmer all day in the Crockpot, I can’t tell you. The recipe I used was.. just throw in every spicy spice that I have in the cabinet, some Rotel tomatoes, a diced onion, and that’s it. That’s it? I’ve been trying way too hard to make this whole chili thing work. From now on it’s just one big heave-ho with the ingredients and the Crockpot’s responsible for the outcome.


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