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Weight Loss Ramblings (the unedited kind – Beware)

Just to let you know how serious I am about losing weight, I just finished drinking a Raspberry Diet Snapple.. It was okay. I’m just not a big fan of diet drinks. The bottle says.. “No calories..Their agent wanted a multi-year deal.” ??? Whose agent? The Raspberry’s agents?? Maybe it’s just me, sometimes I’m a little slow at getting that suppose to be funny stuff. I’m into dry humor. And did you know the folks at Snapple not only want you to loose weight, they want you to be smart as well. The cap say’s “Real Fact #168 – One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns.” Hmmm. Who knew? Anyway, my plan was to blog-talk weight-loss every Tuesday.. but when I weighed Monday night I’d gained two pounds. My husband is laughing as he reads this I know. Two pounds! Now how can this be? I’ve been cutting back on food quantity, adding to food quality, exercising..I’ve been trying, really! Well, with the exception of Saturday.. We attended our Church’s picnic.. I actually heard someone refer to us as “Free Meal Baptist” if that tells you anything. But in all truthfulness, I knew the weight gain would happen. It always does in the beginning. I don’t know why. I cut back and gain (If you know the reason please share it with me). But usually I use the little gain as the perfect excuse to quit dieting (stop laughing!). I mean, why suffer when you’re only gaining, right? Not this time though. Eventually I will start to lose. And when I do I’ll share it with you. Okay, ‘Nough said about weight for today. I’m hungry. Let’s go eat! Just kidding!



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Easy Christmas Craft

Joy to the World , the Lord is come!

So, my first Christmas craft is finally complete. It took some doing though. The actual craft – less than 10 minutes. Buying the letters – 2 weeks. It seems that “Y” is a popular letter this time of year.

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Works In Progress… slowly but surely.




Oh, and this…

Just a couple more trips to a few more stores and my progress shall continue.

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Back On the Weight Loss Wagon

Aaron has decided to get healthy. And I’ve been thinking about it too. The whole, 40’s not that far away, you need to drop about 10 – 12 pounds..blah, blah.. I’ve decided to try and will be using my side bar as a reminder to get off the computer, off my bottom, and on to something that requires a little more energy.  So my first day, yesterday, went something like this… at lunch I got on the treadmill. I ran for 5 minutes, because that’s all I’m capable of doing without flopping over and gasping for air, and then I walked as fast as I could for another 15. I was proud… and then I ate cookie dough for dinner… Seriously people, what’s wrong with me? As my sidebar shows, I’m gonna need some help. Pray for me! 🙂

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Goosie’s Good Eatin’ Garden

We’ve been working out in the Garden lately.. Well, by working I mean picking a few tomatoes and some bell peppers. Our little garden isn’t much.. 6 tomato and 4 pepper plants is all you’ll find. It’s just a small strip of dirt that runs in between the sidewalk and the backside of our garage but, it supplies us with more than enough of these two veggies.

So, with the extra tomatoes I made a batch of salsa.

And here’s my small secret that really makes a big difference.. along with some onions, fresh chives, and a bunch of other stuff I threw in there, I also added a few dashes of Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy spice to give it that tail-end kick.

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The Start of Second Grade

And she’s off… First offical day of second grade was yesterday.  She wore her hair as she wanted.  She picked out the outfit, the shoes, and the earrings.  She’s grown so much this summer.  This day she was excitied and scared at the same time.  Excitied to see her friends but scared because now she has to wait for class to start in the gym, something only the big kids get to do.  She’s big, but yet she still so little.  The Hello Kitty bandaid shows proof of a recent bike accident…something that happens when you’re little..but when her daddy said she was lucky she didn’t break something she told him, “There is no such thing as luck… God gives you everything you need.”  Such wise words for someone so small.  My baby is growing up.  I’m excited for her… and still a little sad for me and her daddy.


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Messenger Bag

Goose wanted a new book bag for school.. not a backpack like she’s been carrying, but a messenger bag.. WooHoo! Opportunity to make something! So I found a terrific tutorial by Corinne at Heart of Mary (She has tons of awesome tutorials). Goose chose the fabric and I got to work. Of course I had to change Corinne’s tut just a bit.. can’t leave well enough alone.. I chose to use Pellon 72 as my stabilizer because I wanted to be sure it would hold its shape. This poor bag will be thrown around, pulled on, dumped on, and who knows what else. I asked the assistant at the fabric store for a little advice.. I should have known something was up the way she snickered at me. Pellon 72 is hard to manage. Finishing the edges was a nightmare.. my machine simply could not accommodate the thickness. I worked on this bag for over a week.. taking my time to pay special attention to detail. Today it is done and I have to say.. I’m pretty happy with it. Goose thinks her mama is a genius. I’ve gotten many kisses and have even heard her say that no one in the whole school will have one like hers. Good enough for me.


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