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Apron Improvement (I think?)

Ok, ok. I know I said a little ribbon was impractical when cooking… As if little rosettes aren’t? They are, but I couldn’t help myself. There just so darn fun. I took one look at them and had to have ’em.

And now when I put this apron on I feel like Laverne for Laverne & Shirley… All I need is a little milk and Pepsi and a pair of fluffy houseshoes.


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Friday Evening Project

I’ve started a new Friday evening project. I have an hour ever Friday to sit and wait for Alyssa to finish gymnastics. Sometimes I can see her practicing.. most times I can’t. So, in those can’t times I’m going to whip up a few embroidery designs that will eventually be worked into a quilt. The finished project will be many months away but here’s the beginnings of it… I have high hopes!

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My New Apron

Back some time ago Abby at A feathered Nest announced an apron swap and I really wanted to do it but, as time is always a factor – work, vacation on the rise, family.. I knew there would be a big possibility the I wouldn’t completed it on time. So, I opted to make one for myself, a few minutes here and there until it was complete. Last night I finished it.

As my hips aren’t what they use to be, I thought a medium would work best. And it did in the hips section… but not so good with the length… It looks more like a dress instead of an apron. But I still think like it. Here’s the pattern

The little ribbon is very cute and had I been making it for someone else I would have included it but how practical is a ribbon when your cooking??? So, I left it off.

Here’s a shot of Alyssa in my old apron. I made that one when I was 15yrs. In fact, it was the very first thing I ever made with a sewing machine. It’s stained and a little shabby looking so I’ve given it to her. She plays waitress in it. I really like this one too. It’s very simple and I still have the pattern after all these years… maybe I’ll make another one, just for fun!

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DisneyWorld Adventures

We launched a space shuttle, rode the rapids, and topped Mount Everest. We ate Mediterranean, lobster, and way too much junk food. We rode on a plane, a boat, and every roller coaster we could find. All in all, I’d say Disney World is going to be a hard vacation to top.

There are so many memories I would like to write about but I’ll keep it short and sweet so that I’ll have time for the rest of my day.

This was Goose’s first plane ride. It started with “I’m scared,” followed with a few little deep breathes and then an bunch of little giggles. She is still so very sweet and innocent.

Though I have to say, she is definitely a roller coaster junkie. I have never heard her scream so loud. We started with Splash Mountain and from there there was no looking back. All I heard was “Let’s ride a roller coaster.” She also loved the Tower of Terror, something I didn’t even ride. It’s an elevator that pulls you up and drops you down several stories before doing it all over again. No thank you! I’m too old for that one.

Truly, the stories could go on and on.. the sights, the smells, the food… The staff was amazing, the details of every ride were absolutely perfect, and honestly, the wait times between rides weren’t bad at all… most were 20 to 30 minutes.

This vacation was such a blast… everyone said Goose was at the perfect age (7 years) and they couldn’t have been more right. You should go, even if you’re not 7 anymore. You won’t be disappointed.

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Summer Memories

Alyssa has been counting down the days for two weeks now and it’s finally here… We’re off to see the mouse of all mice… Mickey Mouse at Disney World. I’m sure we’ll all have a blast and come back with nice tans and exciting tales. I’ve never been to Florida and it’s been years since I went to Disneyland in California. My summer memories are of camping at the lake, hanging out at the ball park, and running down Arkansas’s dirt roads barefoot and swimming in the dirty creek with snakes.

(a simple cross-stitch I did a couple of years back because it reminded me of just these memories)

There’s one specific afternoon I remember.. the creeks were drying up and small water holes were are that were left. All the cousins decided it’d be easy to catch the catfish that were trapped in these holes. We didn’t use fishing poles to catch them but jumped on them with our whole bodies. It was so much fun! And we even caught enough for dinner.

Isn’t it funny how times change? What are some of the things you did as a kid that you’d never allow your own kids to do today? As for me, the snakes I talked about in the creek? They were water-moccasins – poisonous. If we spotted one in the water we’d all jump out and throw rocks at it until it swam away and then we’d get back in. How stupid was that? We never even gave it a thought. Kids.


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A Note To Hubby

Dear Hot Stuff,

Have a look…

Oh, what is that?… Can it be? Oh yes, I believe it is… Blood. Blood, I tell you. Now, if that ain’t true love then I don’t know what is. I have to say that yes, I do enjoy tending to the little things that make our life ours but at this point it should be clear that I am way over tending to these crappy jeans of yours. Two pair and three pockets (one pocket twice) later I’ve come to the conclusion that you really need to stick with Levi. If the pockets rip on these again, please toss them in the trash and feel free to stop by the mall a pick up a decent pair of jeans. Much love to my wonderful and thoughtful husband.

Your loving wife,


PS. Your butt looks really good in Levi too! 🙂

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I’ve Been Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book and read the whole thing through, at least a year. I’ve tried a time or two but always seemed to be distracted before I made it past chapter 2. But yesterday was different (There’s a nasty stomach virus story involved that I won’t bore you with.) My favorite author is Nora Roberts. She has just the right amount of romance, crime, suspense, adventure and so on for my liking. She has this way of telling you what you want to know in just a sentence or two… Adjective Perfectionist I tell ya. And the best part, I can’t always guess who “done it.” This for me is her greatest ability as a writer… she can pick the unsuspected as the culprit but still it makes perfect sense that he/she actually had the motive to commit the crime. In other words, she’s not just throwing someone in the mix to surprise you at the end. If you like an easy romance that’s not too mussy and has a little bit of suspense you should read Nora Roberts… I love her. Northern Lights or Montana Sky are two of my favorite choices.

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