Party Favors of a Different Sort

A couple of weekends ago Alyssa had a friend stay the night.. which meant I cooked more than my normal amount of eggs on Saturday morning.. Nothing too exciting about this.. except that maybe I’ve been thinking a little more about confetti eggs than I should. I made confetti eggs all the time as a kid… Aaron? He had no idea what I was talking about. This is Alyssa and my second go round with these fun little party favors.

*just crack the eggs close to the top, wash them out, and let them dry.

*gather up all that colorful tissue paper you’ve got hangin’round and cut into tiny little pieces.

*stuff it in the eggs, glue a small, white, tissue paper, square top on each egg, let the glue dry (don’t go crazy with the glue because it will prevent the egg from breaking up).

*Find an unsuspecting head and you’ve got yourself a good time!

Happy Birthday Honey!


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