Country Girl Curlers

Hair curlers.. and they’re free! Because you already have them in your house right this second. It’s true! Head to your bedroom, pull open your sock drawer and there they are! Simple socks will do the job every time.

curlers-031309-017Just roll the hair up in a sock like so…

curlers-031309-020Tie it tight..

curlers-031309-014Leave them in over night..

curlers-031309-0221& (magic wand sound-effect) beautiful, flowing, awesome curls..

I learned this easy-peasy, hair-curling tip way back in high school.. in the 80’s, when hair was BIG!

Give it a try.. tell me what you think.



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10 responses to “Country Girl Curlers

  1. Cool idea and one I had not heard before…what a head of hair your little doll has!

  2. Amy

    Very cute! My grandma used to do that to me when I was little to give me Shirley Temple curls 😉 Except she used strips of fabric so she called it “putting my hair in rags”.

    Your daughter’s hair has a much more natural looking wave though. Mine ended up in tight ringlets – and my hair is so thick so it would go nuts!

  3. *My best memories usually involve my I love that this reminds you of yours!

    My daughter’s hair is thin and usually straight as a stick, as is mine, so I’ve never worked with anything else. Thick hair is just a dream for us :)… when we first unroll her hair she has ringlets too but then I give it one good brush and this is what we’re left with. Maybe this is the one perk to having straight, thin hair. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping in!*

  4. What a cool idea! I never would have thought to use socks. Creativity is so wonderful.


  5. I think this is how they did it in the ‘old days’ but it works really well and as I said, it’s free.. and well, you can’t beat that! 🙂

  6. Jackie

    I have lots of girls, the 5 youngest ones are always wanting me to either braid their hair or curl it. The curlers that they sell at Walgreens/CVS are so expensive, especially when you multiply what you need by 5. I was looking online and came across your site and am so grateful for it. We are never in a shortage of socks! I can not wait to try this out tomorrow night on them. So far, I have just been having them take turns with the one set of curlers I do have. THANK YOU!

  7. my hair wont curl uuuuhhhh my hair is gonna stay bone straight aaaahhhhh hate it

  8. Teri Hinton

    Have any ideas how I can add more curl than your daughter has in the photo so I have lots of curls on my wedding day?

  9. Hey! I think you just found a use for those mysterious single socks that seem to show up all the time. 🙂
    My mother used to use strips of old cloth cut in 6 inch strips. The end of the hair was tied into the center and then rolled up tight and tied off. Those never hurt your head at night either! If the curls turn out too small you can use an old tattered plush blanket cut into strips. The thicker material will result in looser curls. 😉

  10. sapphire silverheart

    I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this way to curl hair!!! Thanks for the reminder. Being a quilter, I have a ton of small fabric strips that would be perfect for this, and my daughter won’t have to burn her hair with the curling iron!!! By the way, I got this tip from my granny as well.

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