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Knot Tote

I finally made myself a new purse. I found the pattern/tutorial thru Pinterest (imagine that). I’m especially fond of all the little knots in this pattern… two in the center and two on the straps. Also, I like the size of it. It’s big enough that I can throw a book in if I need it, but not so big that I have to dig for ages to find what I’m looking for – always a plus. I just hate it when my cell rings..and rings..and rings while I’m furiously rummaging thru all the junk…only to find the silly thing in my craft bag. So typical.

The only thing I wish were different in this purse is the length of the straps. They’re too short to hang it on my shoulder and too long to carry as a clutch. I could probably adjust them; all I would really need to do is sew a little length into extra straps and then tie a couple more knots… but, I don’t really wanna. I’ll just drag it around with me for awhile as is; while I sift through all the DIYs on pinterest in hopes of finding my next purse. Making a new one is alway more fun than fixing what you’ve already done.

Pattern: Me Sew Crazy

Fabric: Hancock Fabrics Top Drawer



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Origami Gone Biodegradable – How to make a newspaper pot for starting seeds

For the last several years I’ve said that THIS will be the year I have pots and pots of sweet, little flowers on my porch. Then I stopped by my local nursery and reality hit.. the cost for my fantasy is no less than outrageous!

It’s okay, because this year I’ve devised a plan so that I can have the flowers of my dreams at a fraction of the cost.. and I can have My choice of flowers.. instead of those of my local garden center. How? I’m going to start from seed.

I attempted this before with only marginal success.. My problem was that everything I attempt to transplant my seedlings, I killed them. I guess I’m a brute on fragile little roots. So in order to rectify this problem, I’ve decided to go with biodegradable pots..no transplanting, just shove it in the ground and let it rot away. I’m not going with those from the big garden centers but ones that I’ve made..because you know I’m a sucker for making things…and shucks, these pots will be free!

So, how does one go about making a container that will hold up without involving staples, glue or tape? Origami, of course! I made a paper crane back in the tenth grade..so surely I can make a small box-like structure today. Here it is.


And here’s how I did it!

1. Lay out a full sheet of newspaper.

rip in 2
2. Rip it in half

3. Turn one piece long side facing you.


4. Fold it in half left to right – like a book.

5. Fold it again, bottom to top.

6. Fold it again, left to right – you should now have quarter size.

7. Lift top half and push the outside corner (bottom right) back.

8. Push corner up to meet the middle, or spine.

9. Crease it well.

10. Flip paper over.

11. Repeat 7-10.. so that you’re left with this.

It should look like this when you pick it up.

12. Fold top wings in to meet the center and crease.

13. Fold them again and crease.

14. Flip it over and repeat 12.&13.

15. Fold the top flaps down and crease well.

16. Open your pot!!.. Be sure to hold sides as you do this.

17. Square bottom well so that your pot sits well.

18. Fill pot with soil and plant your seeds!

Yippee! Can’t wait to show you my flowers once they begin to grow!


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UpLoading PDFs to Your Blog

(This is for you Cindy 🙂 )

Forever I’ve been searching for an easy way to upload my PDF patterns to this blog..forever means about 2 years.. I know, are PDFs really that difficult to work with? Being that I’m a computer idiot, it appears so.. Everything I’ve read was way beyond my comprehension. But then, out of no where, the answer came to me.. and it was right under my nose this whole time. It’s Google Documents! And it’s free! The only requirement is that you have a Gmail account. But that should be no problem because Gmail is free too. So, if you don’t use Gmail sign up..right away (it’s more than just email).

First, log into Gmail, look in the top left corner for the Documents link. Click it… Okay, now we’re ready.

1. Click the Upload button.. this will take you to the “Upload Files” option

2. Click “Select files to upload“.. this will allow you to select the files you want from your computer.

3. Once your document is selected click the “start upload” button and let the computer genie do her magic.

4. Once complete, click “back to Google Docs

5. Your PDF has now been uploaded! Then check the little box to the left of your document.. just above the little box you’ll see a “share” dropdown link.. click here and then again on the “get the link to share

6. Click one more time on “allow anyone with the link to view…“, copy your link, save and close, and then head back to your blog to insert your link. You’re done!

Two years of searching.. only to find out an easy answer was with Gmail the entire time. Can you say, “Computer illiterate?” 🙂


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Monkey Business

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of PJs? I struggled, as you can see. Anywho, here’s the finished product.

Monkey PJs

And just as I expected, Brandy’s Pillowcase Pant tutorial was perfect.. not one hangup! When finishing the shirt, I got a little lazy. I was going to do four little squares with the monkeys centered in each..wouldn’t that have been cute?? but instead I went with the boring circle. What can I say, it was late and this was my easiest route. I’m going to give them to Goose as one of her Christmas presents. I think it might be fun to post on all the presents I’ve made this Christmas.. Once it gets just a bit closer to the 25th, I’ll try to remember to do that.


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Vintage Style Scarf Pattern – Sort Of

If you follow my blog you know that I struggle when reading crochet and knitting patterns..Let’s put it down on record that I’m no pattern writer either. However, Megan at In Divine Love asked if I would jot something down so that she could make her own Vintage Style Scarf. So, here’s the jist…

Row 1: Ch 60
Row 2: st 59, 1 ch for turning
Row 3: st 59, st 3 in the last stitch of your 2nd row – this begins your turning and the start of your 1st round.
pattern pic 6

You’ll now be working on the underside of your original chain, or row 1.pattern pic 9

Continue to st around, making sure to add extra stitches as needed at the ends to accommodate for growth or width – kind of like a fan. You’ll know you’ve added enough if your piece lays flat.
pattern pic 11

I worked in this fashion until my piece was the desired width. St should stop at an end.. make sure there are equal amounts of rows on each side of your original chain.
pattern pic 14

Now you’ll want to do a five ds stitch shell stitch around the entire piece. Like so:
**dc in 3rd stitch, this counts as your 1st dc – 4 more ds in same hole. sc to connect your shell. sc in next stitch.** Continue around full scarf, fasten off.
pattern pic 2

For the Flowers, I used this pattern (different size needles to make different size flowers)

Stitch the flowers together and then to the scarf. I just pulled the loose tails through, knotted, and then wove the excess into the scarf. Add a button to the other end with thread. (Don’t worry that there is no button hole; you can easily push it through the scarf just under the flowers and no one will know.)
pattern pic 5

pattern pic 3

My new GREEN scarf to go with my black wool coat. 🙂
vintage green scarf


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Two Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

2 STITCH BLNKTIf you want to learn to crochet, or are very limited in your crochet skills, such as myself, then this blanket is a great starting point. Two stitches are all you need to know…the chain stitch (abbrev. “ch”) and the single crochet (“sc”). With a simple variation of the single crochet you can achieve lovely little ridges that will give your blanket depth and make you look (to the non-crocheter ;)) like you’re a pro. In the very simplest of explanations, this is how you make it.

I used an “I” size hook & approx 935 yards of acrylic medium (worsted).. in other words, the stuff you can find at Wal-Mart.

If you understand gauge, this blanket is 22 stitches + 28 rows sc = 4″…. if you don’t understand gauge, just make your chain as long as you want you blanket wide.. and keep adding rows to your sc to make it as long as you like.

The two stitches you need to know are: chain stitch (“ch”) and single crochet (“sc”)

If you don’t know how to achieve a chain stitch and a single crochet check out Nexstitch for videos.. she’s a genius!!

The flat sections of the blanket are achieved with single crochet. Like this..

grab both loops

To make the ridges you will still use the “sc” but you will only grab the back loop of each stitch. I believe, but not 100%, that patterns refer to this stitch with a note that looks like such: (“work in bk lps”). Like this..

grab back loop

Before you begin your blanket it’s a good idea to work on a sample piece.. try
15 ch with 1 ch for turning
15 sc repeat 3x &
15 sc – work in bk lps repeat 3x

Don’t be afraid to “wing it”.. if your not happy with the way it turns out, just rip it out and try again.. it’s no big deal.

If you achieve the look then start your blanket :)!

Here’s my very simple, non-genius pattern:

Ch 107

row 1: sc 107 with 1 ch for turning… repeat row 1 six more times (in total you will have 7 rows of sc grabbing both loops)

row 8: sc 107 (working in bk lps) with 1 ch for turning… repeat row 8 four more time (in total you will have 5 rows of sc grabbing back loop)

You should now have your first flat section and your first ridged section…

keep repeating in this fashion 20 more times. In total you will have 144 rows or 12 flat sections and 12 ridged sections… do not fasten off. – This is the blanket.

For the border around the blanket

Round 1: ch 1, sc 107 (this is across the top), sc 1 in same corner st (this is just one extra stitch in your last sc for turning), sc 144 (down the side), sc 1 in same corner st (again, for turning), sc 107 (across the bottom), sc 1 in same corner st (for turning), sc 144 (up the other side) – repeat all 1 more time. Fasten off.


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Country Girl Curlers

Hair curlers.. and they’re free! Because you already have them in your house right this second. It’s true! Head to your bedroom, pull open your sock drawer and there they are! Simple socks will do the job every time.

curlers-031309-017Just roll the hair up in a sock like so…

curlers-031309-020Tie it tight..

curlers-031309-014Leave them in over night..

curlers-031309-0221& (magic wand sound-effect) beautiful, flowing, awesome curls..

I learned this easy-peasy, hair-curling tip way back in high school.. in the 80’s, when hair was BIG!

Give it a try.. tell me what you think.


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