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My Love Affairs Are Over

She’s finally done! 🙂 Boy, this project took way too long. I’ve noticed that I’m finally tiring of yarn and all that it holds. I suppose this corresponds perfectly with the rising temperatures, and I can’t say enough about those. Yippee! I’m ready to get outside.. I’ve already done a bit of weeding in my flowerbeds, and I’m looking forward to putting down a nice, thick layer of mulch. Life is just better in the summer, ya know? I just have one more yarn project to tackle.. it’s a cute little skirt that is to go with the above shrug. If I hadn’t already bought the yarn I probably would just let it go.. but, the money was spent..so the skirt will be made. I know that once the outfit is complete I’ll be happy that I invested the time. But here’s a little secret, I’ll crochet the skirt because I can complete it 98% faster than if I knit it. I’ve tried different knitting techniques to help improve my speed, but it’s just not happening… there’s no flow. So, crochet it is!

Also, I finished the book – South of Broad by Pat Conroy! It was good and would make for a great book-club read. It even had suggested questions in the back. It’s a story about faith, fate, and friendship that leaves you wondering, even after you’ve finished the book, how the main character will handle the circumstances he’s been dealt. A friend of mine, whom read the book a few years back, said that I would have loved the book even more if I had been to Historic Charleston and could relate the landmarks mentioned in the book back to my own personal experiences. I suppose so… but for me the characters and their adventures were enough. I also enjoyed the way the author laid the story out.. jumping from present day to many years earlier and then back again. If I run across another of Mr. Conroy’s books I won’t hesitate to pick it up.


Shrug Pattern:  Ballet Shrug designed by Gail Tanquary – found at Crystal Palace yarns.

Yarn: Red Heart Super Save – Monet



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I’ve fallen head over heels in love – twice.. and now I can’t make up my mind as to which one I want to spend my time doing. First, there’s the shrug..

and I think it’s going to be fabulous for Easter. The colors are so nice and spring-like, and I can’t wait to have it complete. It had my undivided attention until I hit a snag.. I was at the Goose’s gym knitting away and I came upon a stitch that I didn’t know… and I had no computer to look it up… So, I pulled out a book.. this book..

I’ve been trying to read it since fall and just couldn’t get past chapter 2. The author has a very diverse vocabulary and knowledge of history. I don’t. But, I pressed on.. and before I knew it, he had me. I know the characters and understand their hardships and want to know if their friendships and marriages will prevail – oh, how I hope they do.

Now, when I have a few spare minutes I’m struggling with which one to pick up… The shrug? The book? The shrug? The book? It’s tough loving two things and having to split my time between the two of them. 🙂

(I reckon I pretty much have it made if this is all I have to worry about.)


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It’s Just Too Simple

Remember my “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Baby Blanket“? Well, look what I found…. A “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Shrug”. It’s really called “Acorn Shrug” and it’s by Lion Brand.

The concept is just too simple. It’s a blanket folded and stitched.. and you can wear it.. in public. It’s a genius idea really. Here’s the concept..

With a decent size hook (J or K) make a chain stitch that hits mid-forearm to mid-forearm..(about 38 inches wide).

Turn, and work a single crochet (sc) in the back loop only..
Here’s a couple pics to help explain. This is the top of my chain..

Below is a stitch in the back loop only..

When you hit the end of your chain.. do one more (sc) stitch and turn.. then do it again, and again, and again.. until it measures the desired length (about 21 inches)..

It’s going to look something like a rug at this point. See, kitty thinks it’s a rug.

Lay it out and fold the ends in to meet in the middle like so..

Then sew up these sides, leaving enough at the top to fit your arms in comfortably (about 7 inches).

Finish up all your loose edges.. and there you have it..

The “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Shrug”(aka: Acorn Shrug). It’s really just that easy.

Here’s a YouTube video for a chain stitch
Here’s a YouTube video for a single crochet
Here’s the link to the pattern if you think I’ve over simplified

And this is my Choice of Yarn: Lion Brand – Vanna’s Choice
Color: 180 Cranberry
balls: 5

Go forth and make! It’s So-Simple-Anyone-Can-:)


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