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It’s Nothing..but Sanity

This little scarf saved me from a breakdown.

Do you ever feel crazy from lack of crafting time?

As I said in my last post, School is back in full swing. Life is moving faster.. Homework, Gymnastics three nights a week (don’t get home until 8pm – Lord help me), and I’m trying to jump on the treadmill the other four nights.

Have I talked about my treadmill here? I’m running.. or trying to anyway. It doesn’t always work out the way I want it to.. I’m not fast and I don’t go far, but I’m attempting it. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, because of ‘stuff’ I’m not crafting much. And honestly I was missing it so much that I grabbed the only thing I could think of that was doable – start to finish – in one sitting.

Big yarn + big needles = small scarf

100 degree weather or not.. this scarf was a have-to!

Do you get like that? You must finish a project.. it doesn’t really matter what it is.. just something, or you feel like you might lose your mind?

Well, that’s where I was..

So, a new scarf was made.. no matter that it won’t be worn for months.

Small price to pay for sanity.



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I surf Google Images a lot. It allows my mind to focus solely on what I’m looking at, what I like and don’t like, without clouding my mind with words of pros and cons. Well, a while back I stumbled upon something I really liked.. the only problem, there are no words and I can’t decide if it’s a scarf..or a sweater?

It’s hard to say, right? All I know is, this “sweater” is cu-uu-te! Of course I saved the picture thinking I’d go back.. and of course I can’t find the link now. If you recognize it, please let me know.

Anyhow, I decided I must have this “scarf” and set out to make it on my own. I’ve been working on it for what seems like forever.

Of course the pics are horrible. Obviously my mirror needs a good cleaning… but, this is what I came up with:











What do you think?  I’m not 100% sure that I love it yet.

A “scarf” with a long sleeve T in the winter… A “sweater” to go over a light-weight T in the summer.

It was super easy to make… take your favorite scarf pattern.. just knit it a little longer than normal by adding a few roles of k2p2 to each end…Remember to throw in the button holes..and then add two little tie things and there you have it a scarf.. or a sweater.. or a scarf????…

I used:
needles: 10.5
yarn: 4 balls LionBrand Super Chunky
buttons: 5


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I Finished My WIP

crochet hat & scarfMy model is so sweet, don’t ya think? Fresh out of the bath with her ‘jamas. Sorry for the poor lighting.. I put off taking this picture all day only to discover it had gotten dark outside.

A couple of weekends ago my 17 yr old niece asked if I could make her a hat for Christmas.. She had a couple with her and told me a little bit about each and why she liked them best from her collection. So I gave it some thought, then went to this flickr group.. and that’s when I came across CoffeeCupcakes pattern. I love the look of this hat.. all sloppy and relaxed…just like my niece 🙂 .  This pattern was so simple and it only took me a few hours to complete. In fact, it was so quick I decided to throw in a matching scarf.

Have you ever used the yarn called “I Love This Yarn”? I’ll tell you, it’s wonderful!! It’s a velvety kind of soft with just a bit of give.. and yet it’s still pliable enough that your hook won’t gouge through it. I Love it, love it, love it… thus the name I suppose.

Anywho, if you’re looking for free knit or crochet patterns take a look in the above flickr group.. there are all kinds of interest things in there.. from clothes, to squares, to hats!


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A Post For Me.. A P.S. For You

I love this little blog.. it’s a craft project in itself.. and I have to say if it weren’t for this friend I would have never started it. She pushed me and I jumped. You see, I’m a lurker.. still. Even though I have a blog I rarely ever comment on others, but then pout that no one leaves me any. Silly, I know.  🙂 What I found out from my giveaway is that there are a few people that come to my blog (I already knew that from my stats) but they don’t come for the reading content.. they come because they want to make something!! and they’re looking for my tutorials & patterns. I guess that’s okay. When I started this blog it had NOTHING to do with writing, I do enough of that at work, I just wanted to find my creative side again and to show off the crazy things I make. And the next time I get a little sad because no one comments on my latest and greatest creation I want to remember that…It’s not about me..it’s about making something with your own hands. This blog is for show and tell, a little inspiration if you will.. writing is work. 🙂 And to anyone who is actually reading this post..thank you! and thanks for visiting me here at goosiegirls.

P.S. The second thing I learned from my little giveaway is that my eyebrows are uneven. For goodness sakes!! I have a mother, a husband, and friends.. and YOU! Have you’ve seen this picture?
I appreciate the kindness of the women out there in blog-crafty-land, but a gentle.. “Hey, I love your scarf but that right eyebrow could use a little extra tweezing” would be fine too. 🙂


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Vintage Style Scarf Pattern – Sort Of

If you follow my blog you know that I struggle when reading crochet and knitting patterns..Let’s put it down on record that I’m no pattern writer either. However, Megan at In Divine Love asked if I would jot something down so that she could make her own Vintage Style Scarf. So, here’s the jist…

Row 1: Ch 60
Row 2: st 59, 1 ch for turning
Row 3: st 59, st 3 in the last stitch of your 2nd row – this begins your turning and the start of your 1st round.
pattern pic 6

You’ll now be working on the underside of your original chain, or row 1.pattern pic 9

Continue to st around, making sure to add extra stitches as needed at the ends to accommodate for growth or width – kind of like a fan. You’ll know you’ve added enough if your piece lays flat.
pattern pic 11

I worked in this fashion until my piece was the desired width. St should stop at an end.. make sure there are equal amounts of rows on each side of your original chain.
pattern pic 14

Now you’ll want to do a five ds stitch shell stitch around the entire piece. Like so:
**dc in 3rd stitch, this counts as your 1st dc – 4 more ds in same hole. sc to connect your shell. sc in next stitch.** Continue around full scarf, fasten off.
pattern pic 2

For the Flowers, I used this pattern (different size needles to make different size flowers)

Stitch the flowers together and then to the scarf. I just pulled the loose tails through, knotted, and then wove the excess into the scarf. Add a button to the other end with thread. (Don’t worry that there is no button hole; you can easily push it through the scarf just under the flowers and no one will know.)
pattern pic 5

pattern pic 3

My new GREEN scarf to go with my black wool coat. 🙂
vintage green scarf


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