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Knot Tote

I finally made myself a new purse. I found the pattern/tutorial thru Pinterest (imagine that). I’m especially fond of all the little knots in this pattern… two in the center and two on the straps. Also, I like the size of it. It’s big enough that I can throw a book in if I need it, but not so big that I have to dig for ages to find what I’m looking for – always a plus. I just hate it when my cell rings..and rings..and rings while I’m furiously rummaging thru all the junk…only to find the silly thing in my craft bag. So typical.

The only thing I wish were different in this purse is the length of the straps. They’re too short to hang it on my shoulder and too long to carry as a clutch. I could probably adjust them; all I would really need to do is sew a little length into extra straps and then tie a couple more knots… but, I don’t really wanna. I’ll just drag it around with me for awhile as is; while I sift through all the DIYs on pinterest in hopes of finding my next purse. Making a new one is alway more fun than fixing what you’ve already done.

Pattern: Me Sew Crazy

Fabric: Hancock Fabrics Top Drawer



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A Messenger Bag For Me

It didn’t start out that way though. It had a handle.. which I didn’t like.. so I replaced it with a zipper.. which I didn’t like.. so I replaced it with nothing.. which I didn’t like.. so I replaced that with a flap. In other words, my seam ripper has been put to the test.


This bag is huge.. 10 pockets. Wow. You can see there’s plenty of room left for important things..


like yarn and knitting needles. I’ve found that lately I’m taking it everywhere I go.


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A New Bag

I meant to make myself a new dress for Easter because that’s what we folks here in the South do, but instead I made this new bag.

bag t&b full

Turquoise and brown, I loving these two colors together these days. Not only did I buy this fabric but I bought the reverse pattern too (brown & turquoise). It’s been sitting in my craft closet for some time now. I do that; buy something because it speaks to me but have no idea what I’m going to do with it. This time I think it was worth the wait. I really like how this project turned out. I struggled with the zipper piece though. And still, even after it’s all done, I don’t know how I could have made it easier. I’m sure it’s a no-brainer for the experienced sewer but I have yet to figure it out. And there’s no question, I will do it differently next time. I’ve just got it think about it a little more. Try and try again, right? Any-who, I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!

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Terrific Weekend

I found this material last summer and fell in love with it.

blue fabric

HAD TO HAVE IT. But didn’t have a clue as to what I’d make with it… Maybe something for Alyssa? Oh wait, she wouldn’t wear it. That’s right, she never wears anything I make for her. Then what? I’ve pondered this question for months. Hmmm. Then, some time last week I stumbled upon Frogginette and found this way too cute, too easy bag. Love it. Frogginette found it here, a wonderful French blog, and with a little babelfish I found out that she found it at this amazing blog (just so everyone gets credit on this).With all three to look at the instructions were far easier to understand. And it’s true what they say, it only takes about an hour. Yeah! I think it shall be my grab-it-and-go summer bag.

summer bag

Other terrific news on the family front… Alyssa learned to ride her bike yesterday without the help of training wheels. She was ever so proud.

aaron & alyssa bikes

We’ve had those training wheels off and on again probably three times. Yesterday was the right day I guess…Aaron took ’em off and she hopped on and took off. No problems. That is until Drake, our rambunctious Labrador, decided to chase her. I wasn’t witness to it but I heard he jumped in front of her, trying to bite her tire I’m guessing, and she flipped over her handlebars. He must have broke her fall because I didn’t hear any cries and spotted no tears. She was just a little mad at him. And I’m sure she spanked his butt for it. So cute, because this usually seems to make him even more mischievous than if she’d just left him alone. Poor Drake, just trying to have some fun.

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Well, here it is.  The new purse I promised. 

pinkpurse pinkpurseinside

And here’s a picture of the old purse I made a few months back. 


I like the new one much better.  It’s a little bit bigger and the pockets are more appropriate in size for the junk I tote around.  With “pinkie” I used 2 sheets of stabilizer and it seems to be holding it’s shape much better.  I do, however, like the handles better on the black purse.  That fabric was a lot thicker and that seems to work better for carrying.

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