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Knitting is for the Old and Boring

strike 2

This is why “Knit Club” should be reserved for eating and talking! 🙂 I’ve flubbed up this specific blanket twice now.

My husband is convinced that Knit Club is for the old and boring.. and he secretly thinks I’m such a fuddy-dud for going. Every time I come home he asks, “Were you the youngest one there?”..
I’ll tell you, I was not the youngest one there..maybe the second youngest but most certainly not the youngest. And, I’ll also let you all in on a secret.. these ladies have fun.. they drink their margaritas and other choice drinks, they giggle and laugh about the crazy things that are going on in their lives, they text and talk about facebook.. And after Tuesday’s get together, I now know about a super-duper beer brewing club.. and have learned of an event that goes on every Friday in our downtown district.. it’s called sip and skip, drink or crawl, or something like that.. It’s suppose to be for young professionals.. they all meet up and hop from one pub to another until they hit them all. I guess the last one standing is the winner. Details are sketchy but such an event is defiantly unheard of by most “fuddy-duds”. Let the record show, knitting, or crochet in my case, does not make you old or boring.



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