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Learning To Knit Socks – Part II

I hardly think so!  But getting there.


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Learning To Knit Socks – Part I

Uhhh, I don’t think so.

It’s twisted.. twice! I know it’s blurry but can you see them? Grrr! And this is actually my second try.. the first was far worse…far worse, I tell ya.


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Stretch Stitch

Every gym girl needs a drawer full of leotards, right? Can you believe this is my 5th leo in the last 4 months? I’m a crazed woman. And can you believe, after 5 leos, I still have not mastered the art of making one? Each one has presented me with a new problem… but with tremendous help from Renae at Creative Chicks on my last post, I am close to reaching my goal – store bought quality!
And, I liked to mention that someone suggested a walking foot. Interesting thought and one I never considered. Don’t you just love the way people improvise to get the job done?

But the key to my issue is in the stitch. If you remember back, I was pleased with my side-seam stitches and this was because I was using the zig-zag stretch stitch on my machine… but I didn’t want zig zag around the neck and sleeve areas.. so I reverted back to a normal straight stitch and tried to fix my mistakes by adjusting the tension. Bad move on my part. What I really needed to do was to use my straight stretch stitch (thank you Renae! I heart you!!). Why had this not dawned on me? I’ll tell ya, once I found the zig-zag stretch stitch I threw down my machine’s manual and never looked back. I had no idea I had a straight stretch stitch too. (note to self – ready your manual front to back).

With my newly found stitch I was able to do this..

good seams

new leo

So close to my goal.. below is the only area I flubbed…


Not bad.

Maybe I should make one more though…
just to see if I can make it perfect. :)…

A Secret: I already have the material for two more. ;0 I told you… I’m a crazed woman.


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Vintage Style Scarf Pattern – Sort Of

If you follow my blog you know that I struggle when reading crochet and knitting patterns..Let’s put it down on record that I’m no pattern writer either. However, Megan at In Divine Love asked if I would jot something down so that she could make her own Vintage Style Scarf. So, here’s the jist…

Row 1: Ch 60
Row 2: st 59, 1 ch for turning
Row 3: st 59, st 3 in the last stitch of your 2nd row – this begins your turning and the start of your 1st round.
pattern pic 6

You’ll now be working on the underside of your original chain, or row 1.pattern pic 9

Continue to st around, making sure to add extra stitches as needed at the ends to accommodate for growth or width – kind of like a fan. You’ll know you’ve added enough if your piece lays flat.
pattern pic 11

I worked in this fashion until my piece was the desired width. St should stop at an end.. make sure there are equal amounts of rows on each side of your original chain.
pattern pic 14

Now you’ll want to do a five ds stitch shell stitch around the entire piece. Like so:
**dc in 3rd stitch, this counts as your 1st dc – 4 more ds in same hole. sc to connect your shell. sc in next stitch.** Continue around full scarf, fasten off.
pattern pic 2

For the Flowers, I used this pattern (different size needles to make different size flowers)

Stitch the flowers together and then to the scarf. I just pulled the loose tails through, knotted, and then wove the excess into the scarf. Add a button to the other end with thread. (Don’t worry that there is no button hole; you can easily push it through the scarf just under the flowers and no one will know.)
pattern pic 5

pattern pic 3

My new GREEN scarf to go with my black wool coat. 🙂
vintage green scarf


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And The Winner Is:

Random Integer Generator
Here is your random number:
Timestamp: 2009-09-02 12:14:03 UTC

Therefore the winner of my Vintage Inspired Scarf is:

Wendy Lane!

If you count down you’ll see Wendy was actually comment number 12 but we had someone leave one comment in two entries..and therefore I chose to combined those two into one.

I just want to thank everyone who entered my little giveaway. This has been so much fun!


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Craft Hope

While hopping around the crafting blogs I spotted a sidebar button that I’d never seen before..Craft Hope so I clicked it and low and behold it introduced me to a lovely lady and her daughters who are making a difference in the lives of little children throughout the world. The idea is very simple.. encourage crafters to do what they love and then to donate a piece or two to their cause. I think most of us want to help others and don’t mind a bit to to spend a little time making something to donate..it’s the leg work that stops us.. finding the charity, making the contact, having enough items to make it worthwhile, and so on.. So sadly, we never do it.. but that’s where Craft Hope comes in.. they do all the hard stuff.. All we have to do is make the stuff and send it to them.. Easy as pie, right? They don’t care if you have one item to give or a hundred.. When we all come together, it’s enough.. So, immediatly I knew I was on board. The project they’re working on now is for The Miracle Foundation. They’re asking for handmade blankets, beanies and booties. If you think you might be interested stop in and check it out.. If blankets, beanies and booties aren’t your thing or maybe currently you just don’t have the time? No problem, they introduce new projects all the time. You pick the projects you have time for and skip those you don’t. So I encourage you..Go, check it out! Craft Hope – spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time.


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Apron Improvement (I think?)

Ok, ok. I know I said a little ribbon was impractical when cooking… As if little rosettes aren’t? They are, but I couldn’t help myself. There just so darn fun. I took one look at them and had to have ’em.

And now when I put this apron on I feel like Laverne for Laverne & Shirley… All I need is a little milk and Pepsi and a pair of fluffy houseshoes.

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