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Knot Tote

I finally made myself a new purse. I found the pattern/tutorial thru Pinterest (imagine that). I’m especially fond of all the little knots in this pattern… two in the center and two on the straps. Also, I like the size of it. It’s big enough that I can throw a book in if I need it, but not so big that I have to dig for ages to find what I’m looking for – always a plus. I just hate it when my cell rings..and rings..and rings while I’m furiously rummaging thru all the junk…only to find the silly thing in my craft bag. So typical.

The only thing I wish were different in this purse is the length of the straps. They’re too short to hang it on my shoulder and too long to carry as a clutch. I could probably adjust them; all I would really need to do is sew a little length into extra straps and then tie a couple more knots… but, I don’t really wanna. I’ll just drag it around with me for awhile as is; while I sift through all the DIYs on pinterest in hopes of finding my next purse. Making a new one is alway more fun than fixing what you’ve already done.

Pattern: Me Sew Crazy

Fabric: Hancock Fabrics Top Drawer



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Polka Dot or Bulls-eye Sweater

So, my planning paid off and Goose’s Polka Dot, or as I call it Bulls-eye, sweater is finally complete.

Actually, it’s been complete for a while… I’m having a hard time keeping up-to-date with this blog. I used to be johnny-on- the-spot.. now, I’m not as interested. I think Pinterest is the problem.

Anyway, I went with crochet rather than knitting, and I left off the sleeves. It was super easy to make. First, I made a simple circle using this pattern.

I used an H hook and changed my yarn color whenever I felt it needed it.

ch = chain
ea = each
rnd = round
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch

To Begin: Chain 2.
Rnd 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sl st in first sc, to join.
Rnd 2: ch 1, 2 sc in ea sc around. Sl st in first sc, to join. (12 sc)
Rnd 3: ch 1, (sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) around. Sl st in first sc, to join. (18 sc)
Rnd 4: ch 1, (sc in ea of next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc) around. Sl st in first sc, to join. (24 sc)

Additional Rnds: For each new round, add 1 extra sc stitch to the number of sc stitches between increases (an increase is done by making 2 sc in one stitch). For example, round 5 would have 3 sc between increases then round 6 would have 4 sc between increases and so on.

When finished, end off. Weave in ends.

Throughout this process I held my work up to Goose’s back and measured my progress. Once I thought it was ready for the arm holes I marked the openings with small scraps of yarn.. like this…making sure they are even in number of stitches.. I had 14 on each side.

Then, I began my next round of stitches at the point that will fall just under the arm. Continue with that pattern. When you get to your next marker (just under the other arm) make a chain stitch of 14 (or the number equal to your arm holes), then go back to sc and finish with the pattern until you feel your sweater is the right size (I finished my last 2 rows with fringe yarn).  Add a tie to the front and you’re done.

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The Sorbetto Top

I can’t tell you how easy this pattern is to make. It took no time at all. And really, with a few minor adjustments here and there this little top can be changed in so many ways. I’m sure you’ve seen it around blogland. Everyone seems to be making it, and why not, it’s super-duper cute.

I found the pattern at Grosgrain..back in May when she was doing her Free Pattern Month.

Colette’s Patterns offered it and you can find the download here..  The Sorgetto Top

It’s the first time I’ve used a downloadable clothing pattern offered by a pattern company. Another enjoyable endeavor. I’ve always been afraid of purchasing these because they look confusing.. But I can assure you, there was nothing complicated about it. In fact, pulling out the scotch tape made me feel like a kid again!

All-in-all: Cute top.. Fun project.. Two thumbs up!


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Teacher’s Gift

Yes, it’s that time of year… And I’m happy to say my end-of-the-year gifts are done! Can I get a woo-hoo? Trust me, I’ve been trying to decide on gifts since school started back in August. Goose doesn’t have a close relationship with this year’s teacher like she did last year. So every time I asked her what her teacher might like, she drew a blank, deer in the headlights type stare. Duuuuhhh.

Finally I decided on body wash with crochet washclothes for her teachers and aid. I mean, who doesn’t like that stuff? So I let Goose pick out the washes and then matched my yarn colors to them. Simple and easy with a very homemade feel. Perfect.

Pattern: Bark Sedge Stitch Washcloth from LionBrand.com

Chain 33.

Row 1: Skip 2 chains (counts as single crochet), work 2 double crochet in next chain, *skip 2 chains, work (single crochet, 2 double crochet) in next chain; repeat from * to last 3 chains, skip 2 chains, single crochet in last chain – 10 (single crochet, 2 double crochet) pattern repeats.

Row 2: Chain 1 (counts as single crochet), turn, 2 double crochet in first single crochet, *skip 2 double crochet, (single crochet, 2 double crochet) in next single crochet; repeat from * across, single crochet in turning chain.

Repeat Row 2 until piece measures 10 1/2 in. (26.5 cm) from beginning. Fasten off, and weave in ends.


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Easter Cake Topper

This weekend I made bunnies to top my cake that I’m going to make for Easter. (Sorry, no cake yet)

It’s just a little felt, a tad of stuffing and wooden kabob Skewers. (or, use a toothpick and it’s cute for cupcakes.)

I was gonna wait and post this on Easter..so that you could see them on the cake, but then I thought you might like to make some too. So here you go, cute little bunnies to deliver The Message – Luke 24.

Just click to sketch for the pattern.

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It’s Just Too Simple

Remember my “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Baby Blanket“? Well, look what I found…. A “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Shrug”. It’s really called “Acorn Shrug” and it’s by Lion Brand.

The concept is just too simple. It’s a blanket folded and stitched.. and you can wear it.. in public. It’s a genius idea really. Here’s the concept..

With a decent size hook (J or K) make a chain stitch that hits mid-forearm to mid-forearm..(about 38 inches wide).

Turn, and work a single crochet (sc) in the back loop only..
Here’s a couple pics to help explain. This is the top of my chain..

Below is a stitch in the back loop only..

When you hit the end of your chain.. do one more (sc) stitch and turn.. then do it again, and again, and again.. until it measures the desired length (about 21 inches)..

It’s going to look something like a rug at this point. See, kitty thinks it’s a rug.

Lay it out and fold the ends in to meet in the middle like so..

Then sew up these sides, leaving enough at the top to fit your arms in comfortably (about 7 inches).

Finish up all your loose edges.. and there you have it..

The “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Shrug”(aka: Acorn Shrug). It’s really just that easy.

Here’s a YouTube video for a chain stitch
Here’s a YouTube video for a single crochet
Here’s the link to the pattern if you think I’ve over simplified

And this is my Choice of Yarn: Lion Brand – Vanna’s Choice
Color: 180 Cranberry
balls: 5

Go forth and make! It’s So-Simple-Anyone-Can-:)


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The Ice Cream Quilt Free Pattern

So, as I said, I’m not an expert quilter.. no where near.. and I don’t like to measure ANYTHING. My quilt was really made as if each block was its own project.. and then as an end result pieced together. I don’t like things too symmetrical or extremely well planned. This is my way.. I’m aware that most of you are the exact opposite 🙂 and that is why I’ve attempted to
put some type of order to this quilt (though I encourage you to “wing it” and break a few rules.. you’ll love the freedom). As a result of my madness, the free pattern pieces will not provide you with a quilt that measures exactly mine. I’ll leave the size of your quilt to your discretion.. The measurements given are roughly a queen size, which is what mine turned out to be. Your blocks should end up a little more symmetrical, and hopefully the whole process will take you less time. The binding is simply leftover scraps sewn together.. Some of you might have just gasped at that.. Yes, I know it won’t hold up as well as if it were just one solid piece of fabric.. but that fact doesn’t bother me in the least. If I have to go in a different direction down the road I will. A scrap binding is the look I wanted so I went for it. YOU choose the look that YOU love. That’s the beauty of handmade!

And here’s my disclaimer: I reserve the right to say that this quilt pattern will not be perfect (it’s just not in my nature :))

Good luck.. and if you make this quilt or anything made from my pattern I’d love, love, love it if you’d send me a link so that I can see what you’ve done with it. Happy quilting!




icecream block 1

“block 1”

icecream block 2

“block 2”

icecream block 3

block 3

icecream block 4

block 4

icecream block 5

block 5

icecream block 6

block 6

icecream block 7

block 7

icecream block 8

block 8

icecream block 9

block 9

icecream block 10

block 10

icecream block 11

block 11

icecream block 12

block 12


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