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Teacher’s Gift

Yes, it’s that time of year… And I’m happy to say my end-of-the-year gifts are done! Can I get a woo-hoo? Trust me, I’ve been trying to decide on gifts since school started back in August. Goose doesn’t have a close relationship with this year’s teacher like she did last year. So every time I asked her what her teacher might like, she drew a blank, deer in the headlights type stare. Duuuuhhh.

Finally I decided on body wash with crochet washclothes for her teachers and aid. I mean, who doesn’t like that stuff? So I let Goose pick out the washes and then matched my yarn colors to them. Simple and easy with a very homemade feel. Perfect.

Pattern: Bark Sedge Stitch Washcloth from LionBrand.com

Chain 33.

Row 1: Skip 2 chains (counts as single crochet), work 2 double crochet in next chain, *skip 2 chains, work (single crochet, 2 double crochet) in next chain; repeat from * to last 3 chains, skip 2 chains, single crochet in last chain – 10 (single crochet, 2 double crochet) pattern repeats.

Row 2: Chain 1 (counts as single crochet), turn, 2 double crochet in first single crochet, *skip 2 double crochet, (single crochet, 2 double crochet) in next single crochet; repeat from * across, single crochet in turning chain.

Repeat Row 2 until piece measures 10 1/2 in. (26.5 cm) from beginning. Fasten off, and weave in ends.



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Goose recently read It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder.

Yes, another AR assignment. She really seemed to enjoyed this one. The storyline was more suited for her age level than some of our past reads. Amazon sums it up nicely.

12 year old Isabel spends her free time in the library, reading and dreaming about faraway places. When her mom decides to open a cupcake shop in their little town of Willow, Isabel feels just like buttercream frosting to a cupcake-stuck. It seems as if it will be another disappointing summer, until Isabel learns of a baking contest. If she can come up with a winning recipe, she might have a chance of competing in the bake-off in New York City! But Isabel’s best friend, Sophie, is also entering the contest, and things always seem to go Sophie’s way. To make matters worse, Isabel and her mom don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on the type of recipe Isabel should enter. In this sweet treat by popular teen author Lisa Schroeder, Isabel discovers that maybe it’s not about where you go in life as much as it is about enjoying the view from wherever you are.”

It was shortly after Goose finished this book that I spotted a Christmas ornament tutorial. Of course she wanted to make everyone in her class one, along with all the girls on her gymnastics team.. Here’s her list. 🙂

and here are a few of the cupcake ornaments. Pretty sure we made about 35 of these sweet things!

I think they’re adorable. The cost of making them turned out to be around 50 cents each. You can’t beat that!


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Saving Dead Presidents

So, Hubby remodeled our master bath several months ago (he’s almost done), and I’ve slowly but surely been putting the finishing touches on it. We went with the Venetian Bronze hardware on the faucets and shower door frame.. and naturally I wanted the “extras” in the same finish… Well, if you haven’t looked at this stuff you wouldn’t know that it’s expensive.. the trash can costs about 35 dollars. What??? 35 dollars for a small trash can??? Ridiculous!!! I could not bring myself to pay it. Instead I bought this:

Rust-oleum – Hammered – a little less than 8 dollars a can.
I sprayed our old, cheap-o, green trash can and saved myself some big bucks!

This ugly thing above become…

a beautiful, textured, bronze work of art.. (okay, a little dramatic as far as trash cans go).

Now, I won’t lie to you and say that the finishing is exactly that of the faucet and frame… Venetian Bronze has black in it… Rust-oleum – Hammered does not, but considering the distance from the trash can to the faucet and the amount of money I’m saving on this project, I’d say it’s close enough for my liking.

As for today, I’m feeling very smug and quite delighted with myself. I love saving money!


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A Short Post Filled with Dry Humor

Folks who think they must always speak the truth overlook another good choice – silence.

My kid told me this weekend that “Aunt Helen makes pretty things.” :O


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Freezer Paper Stenciling

I’ve been meaning to give freezer paper stenciling a try for over two years now. It wasn’t until I got a good look at Goose’s current “go-to” sweatshirt that I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer. Just look at it.

Goose has had this poor sweatshirt for almost a year. YUK! From the looks of it you’d think she’s be wearing it all her life. She adores it, so I used it as my color inspiration.

And this is what I came up with.

(stencil image from gymnastdecals.com)

I was really surprised at how sharp it turned out… and the response from Goose’s gym friends was a lot of fun too. I totally recommend giving this a shot. It was super easy to do. The outcome far outweighs the effort


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Stars & Stripes

Every couple years I like to change the look of my porch.. nothing drastic.. just new pillows and a wreath. My last change looked something like this

These were nice but they’ve run their course.. So this year, I’ve been working on a patriotic feel… Actually, I’ve had these pillows complete for awhile but, I was hoping I’d be motivated enough to finish my wreath before posting. Obviously that hasn’t happened.. So, here are the pillows..

They’re nothing but canvas and paint. I used painters tape to mark off the straight lines and then slapped a little acrylic paint down.

Nothing too hard.. Hubby finished them off with Scotts water resistant guard and ta-dah, ‘Country’ curb appeal.

This would be a great little project for your 4th of July celebrations.

God bless America!


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Painting Pottery

A few weeks back one of my friends invited Goose and I to a pottery painting class and it was such a great time. Goose loved it so much that she’s asked to go back every weekend since. I called it a ‘class’ but I suppose I should use that word loosely as there was really very little instruction.. just: “pick your pottery and here’s your paint.”

We browsed the pottery selection a bit.. and Goose chose a small vase.. I went with a plate.

goose's vase

I think Goose’s little vase is as cute as it can be. The design was her idea and I have to say she spent a lot of time trying to get those dots just so. Actually, her piece was the smallest and she was the last to finish up. 🙂 I love that she has some interest in crafty stuff. – And my plate…

my plate

Well, it’s no masterpiece, but I like it just the same. I wanted something to hang over my stove that would match my kitchen color scheme and be easy to wash up. This fills the bill. I wish the lines of my tree were more defined.. but I have a very shaky hand, inherited from my father. Next time I’ll be sure to lay off the caffeine before going in. 🙂


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