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It’s Just Too Simple

Remember my “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Baby Blanket“? Well, look what I found…. A “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Shrug”. It’s really called “Acorn Shrug” and it’s by Lion Brand.

The concept is just too simple. It’s a blanket folded and stitched.. and you can wear it.. in public. It’s a genius idea really. Here’s the concept..

With a decent size hook (J or K) make a chain stitch that hits mid-forearm to mid-forearm..(about 38 inches wide).

Turn, and work a single crochet (sc) in the back loop only..
Here’s a couple pics to help explain. This is the top of my chain..

Below is a stitch in the back loop only..

When you hit the end of your chain.. do one more (sc) stitch and turn.. then do it again, and again, and again.. until it measures the desired length (about 21 inches)..

It’s going to look something like a rug at this point. See, kitty thinks it’s a rug.

Lay it out and fold the ends in to meet in the middle like so..

Then sew up these sides, leaving enough at the top to fit your arms in comfortably (about 7 inches).

Finish up all your loose edges.. and there you have it..

The “So-Simple-Anyone-Can-Crochet-This-2-Stitch-Shrug”(aka: Acorn Shrug). It’s really just that easy.

Here’s a YouTube video for a chain stitch
Here’s a YouTube video for a single crochet
Here’s the link to the pattern if you think I’ve over simplified

And this is my Choice of Yarn: Lion Brand – Vanna’s Choice
Color: 180 Cranberry
balls: 5

Go forth and make! It’s So-Simple-Anyone-Can-:)



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