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Okay, so I found a free pattern for this adorable Polkadot sweater by Berroco and immediately wanted to make it for Goose. It’s a little more her style than mine.. you know, cool – not embarrassing.. So I thought I might stand a chance at getting her okay. And sure enough, she liked it!! I’m excited!

But first, I must finish my current project. Another sweater. It’s embarrassing – not cool. This one is for me. 🙂

It’s been a few months in the works, very slow works, but hopefully I’ll have it finished soon. Trust me when I say, I’m tired of looking at the color sage (I’ll explain later).

Also, I’ll have to study the Polkadot pattern and up it to a size 10. Currently it goes to a size 8. It’s also a knit pattern. I prefer crochet.. so I might change that too. We’ll see.

It’s gonna be cute though!!! I can’t wait!



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It’s Nothing..but Sanity

This little scarf saved me from a breakdown.

Do you ever feel crazy from lack of crafting time?

As I said in my last post, School is back in full swing. Life is moving faster.. Homework, Gymnastics three nights a week (don’t get home until 8pm – Lord help me), and I’m trying to jump on the treadmill the other four nights.

Have I talked about my treadmill here? I’m running.. or trying to anyway. It doesn’t always work out the way I want it to.. I’m not fast and I don’t go far, but I’m attempting it. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, because of ‘stuff’ I’m not crafting much. And honestly I was missing it so much that I grabbed the only thing I could think of that was doable – start to finish – in one sitting.

Big yarn + big needles = small scarf

100 degree weather or not.. this scarf was a have-to!

Do you get like that? You must finish a project.. it doesn’t really matter what it is.. just something, or you feel like you might lose your mind?

Well, that’s where I was..

So, a new scarf was made.. no matter that it won’t be worn for months.

Small price to pay for sanity.


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5th Grade Bookbag

The bag is done, thank goodness.

I’m not as crazy about this one as the others I’ve made..

2nd grade

4th grade

The construction is equally as good, but the fabrics aren’t bold enough for my liking. Goose on the other hand thinks the fabrics are awesome. I held my tongue at the fabric store, being that this is HER bag and not mine, and let her mix and match any way she choose. None are from the same collection – a move I’m not near strong enough to make.

I suppose she’s better at it than I am because the ladies working there all oohed and aahed over her choices and gave Goose high praises for her matching abilities. (They said nothing about the awesome fabric I chose for a future skirt. 🙂 )

If you get a chance, remember my baby tomorrow morning. It’s her first day at a new school.. going from around 200 kids in her grade to over 1000. It’s a bit intimidating.

The 2 print fabrics from this yr’s bag
Rock-N-Roses #6222 by Beverlyann Stillwell
In the Beginning Happy Heynen Painted Dots by Jennifer Heynen


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Back To School – Already!

I think we (meaning me & Goose) have been cheated! Ripped off! Violated!! And I’m here to tell ya I’m a little ticked over it. School starts back this Friday and we’re not ready…not even close! She’s only been out since mid May. That’s not enough time for diddly. Boo-hoo!

It’s all happened so fast that I’m a little caught off guard. Saturday we made a mad rush to Wal-mart for school supplies (before tax-free weekend – grr! $105.00 GRR) and then a quick dash to the fabric shop for the makings of what will be this years bookbag.

This is what she picked out.

A whole different look from what she’s picked out in the past. She loves them.. I’m still working on it. She’s also chosen to use the same pattern as last year.. which saves me mucho time, as I won’t have to reinvent a new one. The only difference is that she wants a zipper instead of a snap. Easy fix. So now I’m off to trace, cut, and sew! (tick-tick-tick)

To ease my anxiety I’ve added a few of my favorite vacation pictures..taken only a couple weeks ago. Enjoy. Relax. Savor your summer!


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Obsessing Over

Image Via

Shrinking my butt and firming my thighs

Pinterest is surely from the Devil

Overnight Pot Roast – more Devil’s work

Crocheted Granny Bag to die for

So Long Insecurity – you’ve been a bad friend to us

Image via

Grrr…Bear Sleeping Bag

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See and Sew B5480

I’m actually doing what I said I was going to do, can you believe it? I’ve completed another summer top (3 total)! This time I set out to make a peasant top. I picked one up last year and wear it all the time.. So I thought it would be a good choice. Not only do I love the casual look of them, but also because I can let my gut hang out and no one notices :). Of course there is that chance that someone might ask me when my baby is due..hehe.


You can see that the patterns says, “Yes, it’s easy”, and for the most part it was. I had some trouble understanding how I was suppose to attach the sleeves AFTER I completed my french seams (as per the instructions). So I went my own way and attached them BEFORE. Another small issue was the Rayon fabric.. that stuff is slippery.. But as you can see, it came together. And there is still plenty of room for the gut. 🙂

Now that I have one under my belt, I think I’ll make another. I have visions of light weight cotton and plaid.


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The Sorbetto Top

I can’t tell you how easy this pattern is to make. It took no time at all. And really, with a few minor adjustments here and there this little top can be changed in so many ways. I’m sure you’ve seen it around blogland. Everyone seems to be making it, and why not, it’s super-duper cute.

I found the pattern at Grosgrain..back in May when she was doing her Free Pattern Month.

Colette’s Patterns offered it and you can find the download here..  The Sorgetto Top

It’s the first time I’ve used a downloadable clothing pattern offered by a pattern company. Another enjoyable endeavor. I’ve always been afraid of purchasing these because they look confusing.. But I can assure you, there was nothing complicated about it. In fact, pulling out the scotch tape made me feel like a kid again!

All-in-all: Cute top.. Fun project.. Two thumbs up!


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