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Back To School – Already!

I think we (meaning me & Goose) have been cheated! Ripped off! Violated!! And I’m here to tell ya I’m a little ticked over it. School starts back this Friday and we’re not ready…not even close! She’s only been out since mid May. That’s not enough time for diddly. Boo-hoo!

It’s all happened so fast that I’m a little caught off guard. Saturday we made a mad rush to Wal-mart for school supplies (before tax-free weekend – grr! $105.00 GRR) and then a quick dash to the fabric shop for the makings of what will be this years bookbag.

This is what she picked out.

A whole different look from what she’s picked out in the past. She loves them.. I’m still working on it. She’s also chosen to use the same pattern as last year.. which saves me mucho time, as I won’t have to reinvent a new one. The only difference is that she wants a zipper instead of a snap. Easy fix. So now I’m off to trace, cut, and sew! (tick-tick-tick)

To ease my anxiety I’ve added a few of my favorite vacation pictures..taken only a couple weeks ago. Enjoy. Relax. Savor your summer!



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Repurposed CD Holder

I’ve mentioned a few times that I work in radio. One tool of the trade is CDs.. and lots of them. Because of this, I have a few of these things hanging out in my office.

Every time I empty the CDs from one I think there must be something I can do with this. Last week during lunch, while I was winding my yarn, it came to me…

comic of Nataliedee

A yarn caddy. Yes!! Duh!

So, I took it down to the office of one of the few “manly” men that I work with and had him cut the rod out of it with his pocket knife.

Then I took it home, because the cut left the hole jagged.

A few days later, when I remembered, I headed out to the garage to pilfer thru my husbands tools until I found this file..

I filed for a minute or two until everything was smooth. Then I threw in my ball of yarn, threaded it thru the now smooth hole and tada…

My new yarn caddy!

Love it! It works perfectly.. and the cat can’t get to it, which is always a plus.


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Emotional Painted Signs

While blog hopping, I stumbled across Susie Harris’ blog and fell in love with her amazing painted wooden signs. She is quite the painter and truly a master with the jigsaw – way above any of my crafty accomplishments :). When I saw this post I fell in love.Ā  This is her “I Am” sign.

Isn’t it gorgeous!!! I can not put words to how it stirred my emotions. I don’t want to say it’s “simple” because the piece is big and solid and magnificent.. though it’s not a complicated colorful work of art.. For me, the words on this board not only speak of my God, but the piece does as well..It’s grand..yet humble.. like Jesus.

Again, my words don’t express the way I feel about it, but hopefully you understand.

I knew right away that I must make one.. but like I said, powertools are not my thing. So I thought, Why not just paint it on canvas?..(because, you know, I’ve been trained in canvas painting – lol) and I happened to have a few stuck back in my craft closet.

After a few weeks of “I-will-make-that” and several visits to Susie’s beautiful blog, I finally pulled it all out and got to work. I followed her advise, except I had to scribble on the back of my printout because tracing on plain paper does not leave an outline on canvas as it does on wood.. but lead pencil will do the job.

It was such an easy process that led to something so emotional. And though mine is not as grand as Susie’sĀ  I really, really love it!

Thank you Ms. Susie for sharing your talent and for making me shed a few tears.. in a good way. šŸ™‚


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Happy Easter

Pictures courtesy of Goose


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Easter Cake Topper

This weekend I made bunnies to top my cake that I’m going to make for Easter. (Sorry, no cake yet)

It’s just a little felt, a tad of stuffing and wooden kabob Skewers. (or, use a toothpick and it’s cute for cupcakes.)

I was gonna wait and post this on that you could see them on the cake, but then I thought you might like to make some too. So here you go, cute little bunnies to deliver The Message – Luke 24.

Just click to sketch for the pattern.

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Uncorking My Creativity

The girls from work got together the other night and went to one of those painting party studios..nine of us showed up. We had a great time..laughing and telling jokes, talking about crazy life experiences. Normally we don’t ALL interact in such a way. The age groups ranged from early 20s to mid 50s, the 20s & 30s get together and go clubbing.. the 40s and 50s do lunch. šŸ™‚ And though there was no Picasso among the nine of us, it was the perfect activity for us all to do and get to know each other better. I think they call it “team building”.

About half the group had painting on canvas before.. it was my first time. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it.. but I have no idea what I’ll do with my masterpiece.. probably hang it in the outbuilding.

I’m thinking that this would be a lot of fun for a B-day party for Goose. She would enjoy slapping a little paint down with her friends as well. Lots of giggles to be had.


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Goose recently read It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder.

Yes, another AR assignment. She really seemed to enjoyed this one. The storyline was more suited for her age level than some of our past reads. Amazon sums it up nicely.

12 year old Isabel spends her free time in the library, reading and dreaming about faraway places. When her mom decides to open a cupcake shop in their little town of Willow, Isabel feels just like buttercream frosting to a cupcake-stuck. It seems as if it will be another disappointing summer, until Isabel learns of a baking contest. If she can come up with a winning recipe, she might have a chance of competing in the bake-off in New York City! But Isabel’s best friend, Sophie, is also entering the contest, and things always seem to go Sophie’s way. To make matters worse, Isabel and her mom don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on the type of recipe Isabel should enter. In this sweet treat by popular teen author Lisa Schroeder, Isabel discovers that maybe it’s not about where you go in life as much as it is about enjoying the view from wherever you are.”

It was shortly after Goose finished this book that I spotted a Christmas ornament tutorial. Of course she wanted to make everyone in her class one, along with all the girls on her gymnastics team.. Here’s her list. šŸ™‚

and here are a few of the cupcake ornaments. Pretty sure we made about 35 of these sweet things!

I think they’re adorable. The cost of making them turned out to be around 50 cents each. You can’t beat that!


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