Planning My Next Project







Okay, so I found a free pattern for this adorable Polkadot sweater by Berroco and immediately wanted to make it for Goose. It’s a little more her style than mine.. you know, cool – not embarrassing.. So I thought I might stand a chance at getting her okay. And sure enough, she liked it!! I’m excited!

But first, I must finish my current project. Another sweater. It’s embarrassing – not cool. This one is for me. 🙂

It’s been a few months in the works, very slow works, but hopefully I’ll have it finished soon. Trust me when I say, I’m tired of looking at the color sage (I’ll explain later).

Also, I’ll have to study the Polkadot pattern and up it to a size 10. Currently it goes to a size 8. It’s also a knit pattern. I prefer crochet.. so I might change that too. We’ll see.

It’s gonna be cute though!!! I can’t wait!



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2 responses to “Planning My Next Project

  1. I think that sweater will be adorable for Goose! Okay, I can’t keep from asking, how many sweaters do you have? Not that I am complaining, it is the favorite part of my wardrobe! I have sweaters for all seasons! I am always stunned to see how quick you get these done!

  2. Ha! I really don’t have that many…especially summer sweaters. In fact, my summer wardrobe is pathetic. It’s hard for me to find anything I like in the stores.. so I’ve really let it go. Trust me, if you lived around here and witness my wardrobe you’d probably be begging me to make more. If I had money to blow, I’d hire someone to shop for me. 🙂

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