Back To School – Already!

I think we (meaning me & Goose) have been cheated! Ripped off! Violated!! And I’m here to tell ya I’m a little ticked over it. School starts back this Friday and we’re not ready…not even close! She’s only been out since mid May. That’s not enough time for diddly. Boo-hoo!

It’s all happened so fast that I’m a little caught off guard. Saturday we made a mad rush to Wal-mart for school supplies (before tax-free weekend – grr! $105.00 GRR) and then a quick dash to the fabric shop for the makings of what will be this years bookbag.

This is what she picked out.

A whole different look from what she’s picked out in the past. She loves them.. I’m still working on it. She’s also chosen to use the same pattern as last year.. which saves me mucho time, as I won’t have to reinvent a new one. The only difference is that she wants a zipper instead of a snap. Easy fix. So now I’m off to trace, cut, and sew! (tick-tick-tick)

To ease my anxiety I’ve added a few of my favorite vacation pictures..taken only a couple weeks ago. Enjoy. Relax. Savor your summer!



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4 responses to “Back To School – Already!

  1. What’s up with starting school on a Friday?! That seems like a complete waste of a day. Can’t they wait ’til Monday and just jump right into it?

    Good luck! My kids don’t start until after Labor Day here (Sept. 6th). We’re definitely not ready either.

  2. M

    Your pictures are great! Loved seeing them.


  3. I know i am late on this (I have been down and out, being sick sick sick!), but I too feel so cheated that school has started so soon! Didn’t we used to start around the middle of August??? Love your vacation pictures! Looks like you spent a good time at the beach! How many swimsuits does Goose have? They are all so cute!!!

  4. Oh no, what kind of sickness? Nothing too bad, I hope.

    School starting this early has been a bummer. As it is, I already hate turning my kid over to a bunch of people I don’t even know.. having to do it so soon didn’t sit any better. It didn’t sit well with her either, she’s already had 2 tests :). The weather has cooled (high in the mid 80s) so I know fall is just around the corner… Too much too soon. I just want to turn around and go back to early June.

    Thanks for the picture love. Goose has 2 swimsuits.. she wanted more. Ha. One is actually last years. She’s a slow grower so things last a little longer at our house. Of course I’m thinking next year that I might try to make her one. You know how I love spandex.

    How’s the wedding decor going?

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