Lion Brand’s Airy Lace Shell

Sorry, I’m running a little behind on my picture taking.. Finished this summer shell a week or so ago. The pattern was super easy to follow and the end result fits my shape well…  you know, pear shape :). Lion Brand’s Airy Lace Shell is one that I will definitely keep in my favorites file.

Summer has started on a nice and peaceful note. I have adequate time for myself and family and I plan to enjoy it to its fullest. Posts will, more than likely, remain short and sweet (unless of course I have something to say. 🙂 ). Maybe this will be the summer of pictures??

Here’s to a fabulous summer for both me and YOU! Enjoy it, because it’ll be gone in a flutter of your lashes.

Free Pattern: Lion Brand’s Airy Lace Shell
Yarn: Caron – Simply Soft (2 skeins)
Color: Iris



Filed under crochet, Family

2 responses to “Lion Brand’s Airy Lace Shell

  1. Looks like you have been sitting on that porch, sipping that wine and accomplishing a heck of a lot this summer! I wish I could say the same thing! Too much stress and deadlines for me this summer! I love the color of your shell! It looks great on you!

  2. My porch is my favorite place to be. Yesterday I was there.. but with friends… no crafty endeavors.

    Is the stress and deadlines coming from the office move you told me about? I hate that you’re feeling overwhelmed, especially during summer. Tonight you need to sit out on your porch and drink 2 glasses of wine (one for you and one for me 🙂 ) and maybe read a little. That’ll unwind you a bit and put a smile on your face.

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