Sum, Sum, Sum-mer Time

82 degree weather, back patio, ceiling fan, wine, yarn, hook, book… need I say more?



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4 responses to “Sum, Sum, Sum-mer Time

  1. Okay, now I know this is the secret to getting your projects done! I never thought of bringing my crocheting out to the back porch with my glass of wine! I am so going to do this, I just need to make one of those fancy yarn holders you made so it will be okay sitting on the floor next to me!

  2. M

    I also saw the reflection for the off bug spray! Smile…. I look like a 8 year old girl right now. I have about 10 mosquito bites on my legs, poison sumac on my arm from trimming back the roses, and bruises on my legs from having too much fun outdoors.

    I am now using that off mosquito fan you can buy….it works!

    All That being said… I love summer, as you must too.

  3. I spent half the day out there! It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time… so relaxing. By the time I was through with my day I’d drank almost the whole bottle of wine. I’ve been thinking about how I can pull this off every weekend. 🙂

  4. Ugh Michelle! You poor thing!! Mosquito bites and poison sumac.. You must be much sweeter than me… or maybe just keep your garden a bit better than I do. 🙂 That bug spray you see is actually one of those candle things… Aaron stuck it out there but I never light it. I’m way too mean to attract mosquitoes. lol

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