Growing Sunflowers

Remember last year when I was planning for a porch full of gorgeous flowers?

And remember the outcome?

At that same time I planted my seeds in my biodegradable pots, I stuck some sunflower seeds in my beds as well. And the outcome to those little seeds were about the same as those of my pots.  – Not good. I watered those sunflower seeds, I babied them.. and had ONE to survive long enough to bloom. Figures!

But look at my sunflower seeds this year!! Woo-hoo!

How did I do it?

Well, lets see… I hung a bird feeder out over the winter.  About fifty plants came up this spring. Figures!

I pulled them all up but five and thought I’d see what they did.

What they did was far better than what I did last year!

From now on I’m using the bird feeder method!



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6 responses to “Growing Sunflowers

  1. Renae (Creative Chicks)

    Too funny!
    I have an unplanned sunflower plot under my bird feeders too.
    They seem to enjoy the spot and I do nothing.

    Have a great week.
    Your daughter is darling!


  2. Oh what a GREAT idea. Hmmmm wheels are turning

  3. I wish the bird feeder method would produce some beautiful geraniums for me! The sunflowers are beautiful!

  4. M

    Goose is adorable!

  5. M

    As are the sunflowers, but they grow here by the sides of the roads and interstates. I am used to them. Goose is the real treasure!

  6. Geraniums… now wouldn’t that be nice. I’d have little bird feeders hanging everywhere if I could get them to pop out of the ground as easy as my sunflowers. And how about day- lilies and knockout roses?? Can we get them to pop up with no effort too?

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