Not So Lacy Jacket

Fast and simple projects are all I can fit into my days at the moment. But I wanted/needed a light sweater to cover my shoulders and keep me from getting cold when stepping from outside to inside. (I’ve been told that restaurants purposely keep their temps a little chilly so that their turnover is higher, and I believe it!)

This little sweater does just the trick. I crocheted it using my choice yarn of these days: Simply Soft from Caron. It hangs nicely and has just the right weight for summer. I also used the bones of the FREE Lacy Jacket pattern from Caron..
leaving off the fancy lace, and finishing it with a simple shell stitch.

Fast and simple, and just enough to keep the restaurant chill off.


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  1. How the heck can you whip these gorgeous items out so quick???? I am so envious!

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