New Look 6871

A common known fact by most of my close friends, I hate to shop for clothes. Hate it. It started when 70s retro wear came back around. I’m sorry, but flare jeans don’t look good on anyone! There was nothing in the stores that I liked. So, I stopped shopping and I’ve never started back. Sure, I pick up a piece here and there, but it’s few and far between. The upside to this, I’ve saved a ton on money.. the downside, my wardrobe looks terrible.

So, I’m thinking I’m going to spend some of my crafty time making myself some clothes.

Here’s my first top:

To my surprise, it turned out pretty good. I used this pattern and paired it with this fabric..

Pattern: New Look 6871 – option E
Fabric: Nochella – Top Drawer – Leaves from Hancock Fabrics

I rarely ever sew clothes, but this pattern was super easy to follow. I cut the pattern and fabric about a week ago, the actual sewing took me only a few hours to finish. Pretty quick by my standards.

I already have two more patterns planned. Now, just gotta pick up some fabric… something I actually like shopping for. ๐Ÿ™‚



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7 responses to “New Look 6871

  1. Thaty is a really nice top! I’m with you on never finding nice clothes in shops, and have tried making my own clothes, and you have inspired me with this pattern! It really looks good on you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. M

    Very cute….

    Just want to throw out, Kansas City has loads of shopping. A girl’s weekend and we could have you some fabulous new pieces….. Just saying…. My home is always open and you are welcome anytime!

  3. OMG how funny. I adore flare jeans. They’re the ONLY jeans that look good on me. I tried to go along for the skinny jean ride but am so relieved to find flares again. They bring out my inner hippy and make me happy.

  4. How funny! What do I know anyway.. I remember when the fashion magazines said NO ONE should EVER wear skinny jeans because it makes you look fat… and look now, skinny jeans are back. It’s all a racket. If you love the hippy look, I say go for it! I’ll stick with my Regular Levis and pretend neither skinny nor hippy jeans exist.

  5. The top looks Great! I love the fabric! You hate to shop? I love to shop.!, I just hate to try things on at the store, so I usually don’t buy anything, because I hate to take things back even more than trying on clothes! I usually just get “ideas” from shopping and come home and recreate them! Jeans…….I do wear a pair of trouser jeans that look pretty good, but I don’t like the flared or the skinny jeans at all! I will stick with my boot cut jeans!

  6. I love to shop for my home.. love to shop for crafty stuff… but I hate shopping for clothes. Like you, trying it on is the pits. Taking it back is worse. And I’m not a digger… if it doesn’t jump off the racks and holler my name, I’m not going to notice it. I used to love clothes.. now that I weight more than 110 lbs.. I don’t. If I make them myself, I can at least get some sort of enjoyment out it. & you’re right, jeans are so hard to find. I have a pair of stretch Levis from a million years ago… still love them, but there’s a huge hole in one of the knees. I look for the same jeans every time I go to JCPenney… I think they might be out of style because I’ve yet to come across them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I like! Very nice. oxo

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