Emotional Painted Signs

While blog hopping, I stumbled across Susie Harris’ blog and fell in love with her amazing painted wooden signs. She is quite the painter and truly a master with the jigsaw – way above any of my crafty accomplishments :). When I saw this post I fell in love.  This is her “I Am” sign.

Isn’t it gorgeous!!! I can not put words to how it stirred my emotions. I don’t want to say it’s “simple” because the piece is big and solid and magnificent.. though it’s not a complicated colorful work of art.. For me, the words on this board not only speak of my God, but the piece does as well..It’s grand..yet humble.. like Jesus.

Again, my words don’t express the way I feel about it, but hopefully you understand.

I knew right away that I must make one.. but like I said, powertools are not my thing. So I thought, Why not just paint it on canvas?..(because, you know, I’ve been trained in canvas painting – lol) and I happened to have a few stuck back in my craft closet.

After a few weeks of “I-will-make-that” and several visits to Susie’s beautiful blog, I finally pulled it all out and got to work. I followed her advise, except I had to scribble on the back of my printout because tracing on plain paper does not leave an outline on canvas as it does on wood.. but lead pencil will do the job.

It was such an easy process that led to something so emotional. And though mine is not as grand as Susie’s  I really, really love it!

Thank you Ms. Susie for sharing your talent and for making me shed a few tears.. in a good way. 🙂



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3 responses to “Emotional Painted Signs

  1. It looks fantastic Renee! I have been to Susie’s blog before and admired the signs she does. This one is fantastic! I love the “subway art” depicting God and all he does! Great Work! It looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks! I love the subway art as well… but subway art with meaning is so much better. I’m so glad that Susie shared her idea. I would have never thought to make something so lovely.

  3. Susan

    I came across you site because I was looking for ideas for my own personal use & seen your beautiful idea of a needle case & the fact that I also love to embroider, crochet etc. etc. and of course this sign that Susie shared. Each word states the awesome God that he is & the one I have served for almost 44 years now. Thanks for sharing it with us. I don’t have a website of my own but just love to get ideas to give as gifts to all my family & friends. Thanks again!!!

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