In need of Prozac

I love to spend my time wrapped up in one project or another.. but I really need to invest in a few home decor activities..

Like a little color and some more junk in here…

How incredibly boring is this? I prefer the “less is more” look, but this is just sad.

And the stairs..

Yeah. (long pause)

Living with 2 dogs and a cat is not pretty.. especially when one of the dogs is this good-for-nothing, no manners beast

It’s unanimous I’m sure, the stairs and their walls could use a good scrubbing with a touch of paint…

And check out the dogs’ room, uhm, I mean dining room.

Perhaps I can pull some of that junk on my bookshelves over to my living room mantle???

Yes, the dining room could use a whole lot of elbow grease. My plans are to sand and paint my grandmother’s old dining room furniture (if you were wondering why the table is in shambles)… Oh, and I’d like to move the dog beds to New Jersey somewhere. πŸ™‚

And well, to be honest, I need to invest a few precious moments into mopping the floors.Β  As if you can’t see the dirt.

You see, the state of my house often depicts the state of my emotional health… so you can understand how important this is. I need to get down to business.. or I might have a nervous breakdown.. and soon!

I can’t believe I just showed you my nasty house.




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9 responses to “In need of Prozac

  1. tina

    haha I thought I was looking at my own fireplace! That is before I painted it! should have done it years ago but I was so unsure of the painted brick for resale. Truth is it is super unlikely that I will ever want to sell my house and it I do, well I hope they like what I have done with the place. Besides we are living here now! So, I painted all the brick a sandy tan color and the mantel is now black. It looks SOOOO good. Simple and sophisicated and a much better place to high light some of my favorite piecse of decor! Also, I have the same sideboard/buffet table that is pictured in your dining room. I also painted that black and gave it hip new pulls. Don’t think my house is all dark it is actually full of color that is why the few black pcs ground the space and really show off the colors I have. In my big family space where the painted brick fireplace is we have a blue wall and a lime green hallway! I LOVE IT and as i said we wish we had done it years ago. have fun!!!

  2. I feel your pain. I have only subfloor in my kitchen (for at least 2 yrs. now) and disgusting linoleum in the dining room. Hubby isn’t happy that I keep going into demo mode with no “finish” involved. But sewing and crafting is so much more fun than cleaning up nastiness around you. And the “finish” is much quicker too.

  3. tina

    I am always looking for ways to beautiful my house with only pennies in my pocket. In a different house that I lived in I covered my subfloor with torn brown paper pags. You literally collage them on to the floor and varnish the top layer. Ask at Lowe’s or Home Depot what adhesive is best to use. You might be able to find a info on line and the trick is to get enough layers of varnish on top after the paper is secured. I got the idea from a FANCY PAPER store in Cape Cod. They had done it over concete. It looks rich and warm. Let me know if you give it a try. have fun!

  4. From your writing, I can see your home now. It beautiful. I love that you went bold with blue & lime, and I’ll be honest and say I have never thought of painting my fireplace, but the idea intrigues me. I will add this to my idea list. I had at one time thought of painting my dining room furniture black (I have a huge cabinet in my kitchen that is black), but I’m too sentimental. I want to keep it as close to the way I got it… the way my grandmother loved it. I really wish I could restrain it back to its glory, but it’s in such poor shape that that is impossible. Thank you so much for sharing your projects with me. It’s really stirred the ideas in my brain.

  5. Oh girl, we are two peas.. I had subfloor only in my master bath for 5 years. And the linoleum in my kitchen is 24 years old. I’ve never tiled myself.. hubby does it and I know why he keeps putting it off. It’s a huge job.. not only do I want the kitchen redone, but the foyer, hall and laundry room too. If you’re gonna go, go big.. right? πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, I have missed a lot! Okay, I am going to make you feel a little better, I think it looks great compared to my house!! I am like you, my house reflects the way I am emotionally feeling. I know I would feel so much better if I just did something, anything! Right after tax season, I am going to tackle some of those problems, even if it’s for 10 minutes a day! I am hoping I will feel better if I can see some progress! Life has just thrown me too many curve balls lately and I let it get to me too much! Really Renee, you need to tackle that fireplace, it looks sad and neglected! Maybe some of the stuff on the shelves would look good on the mantle:)

  7. Forgot to mention, I love your grandmother’s table and chairs and the buffet! You can try moving the dog beds, but if that dog is like mine, he will just move it where ever he wants it. My dogs drag them all around the house:)

  8. Your house can’t possibly be this gross. I mopped last night and the water looked like a muddy swamp – a deep, dark brown with bits of grass floating. Yuk! Of course by the time I made it back around the downstairs there was muddy dog prints all over the kitchen. πŸ™‚ Hopefully tonight I can take care of the cat prints on the coffee table.. and the blood by the kitchen table.. Goose stepped on something last night. It’s never ending. LOL.

    Thanks for the love on my grandmother’s dining set. There’s a lot of her in that table and it means a lot to me. Hopefully I will get at least one chair sanded this weekend. Cross your fingers.

    & the dog beds??? The lab rarely ever lays on his (that’s why we have 3 beds for 2 dogs) but the basset.. she just follows me around until I put it were she wants it. She’s lazy and thinks we’re all *waaay* beneath her.

    Hope today’s tax load doesn’t kill you… it’ll ease soon. πŸ™‚

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