It’s True

Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart were friends? They were. And did you know that Amelia once flew Eleanor to a fancy government event? It’s true. Maybe you know that Eleanor’s favorite dessert was Angel Food cake served with a pink fluffy topping?

Are you wondering how I got my hands on this all-important info? Goose’s last week’s reading story, that’s where. And, as luck would have it, the story included Eleanor’s famous recipe, the very recipe that Goose volunteered her mother (aka, ME) to make for her entire class. πŸ™‚ Again, all true.

I tried to get out of it. I don’t have a sifter, I told her. I don’t have time.. I’m tired. Can’t we just buy the box mix?

In the end, I made the cake.. and to my surprise, it rose to it’s full height.. the heavy whipping cream whisked into fluffy peaks… and everyone said it tasted very good. All very important facts.

And just one bit more of info that you might like to know.. the box mix cost $2.39, Cool whip cost $1.79, and strawberries $1.89/pint.. for a total of $6.07… The price of the ingredients in Ms. Eleanor’s recipe.. approximately $15.61. Yep, those are some cold, hard facts for those of us who like to whip it up from scratch.

It’s a this point that I’d love to say that $15.61 recipe produced a cake that tasted 10 times better than the wimpy “box” mix.. but, I can’t. I didn’t get to taste my cake. You see, my one Angel Food cake had to feed 23 people.. If you’re not in the class, you don’t get any……………

I probably should have just bought that wimpy box mix..and saved me so cold hard cash…Β  What? They’re 10 years old… they’d never have known the difference. πŸ™‚



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10 responses to “It’s True

  1. Nancy Jane

    Believe me there is a huge difference in scratch to home made. The box taste like $2.39 and the real deal, a hudnred bucks. My mom made only from scratch but then we were on a farm and what to do when the girls we laying eggs like spring had arrived. She also had a recipe for using all the yolks leftover from the angel food cake in a molases cookie recipe. Never throw away a good yoke.

  2. Smile… I wish I could have tasted my cake… You should have seen me trying to scrape the crumbs out of the pan. LOL. My daughter assured me it was well worth the extra $$… “like a hundred times, she said.” I’ll have to make a second one for the family… just so I’ll know for sure. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Now you know why people say “I learned so much from raising my children!” Boy Goose loves to volunteer you! Hopefully you have enough money left over to make one for ya’ll, or maybe you would rather spend the money on yarn and buy the box mix:)

  4. You know what though? You didn’t use up ALL of the ingredients to make one cake right? So you can’t just say it cost $15 to make one cake because it didn’t. You’d have to divide each ingredient you bought by the portion you actually USED to make your cake to get a real cost. I’m going through this myself as I’m making much more stuff from scratch and at first I was floored by the cost but now I’m finding how far a bag of flour goes.

  5. You’re right, I do have some flour left & the almond flavoring… but I didn’t include the sugar, cream of tarter, or salt in my $15 because I already had those. An angel food cake may be low in calories and fat.. but the price is high. See, when I look at it that way.. “It’s a high price to pay in order to save a few pounds,” I think it’s totally worth the extra money! LOL :).

  6. Oh my, you’re right! Goose told me today that she almost volunteered me to make corn muffins. Corn Muffins??? I think I’ve made corn muffins once in my entire life. πŸ™‚ Thank goodness she thought better of it. & Re: the cake, I’m going to make one for the family soon. She keeps telling me how good it was that I must try it myself.

  7. Nancy Jane

    You know eggs are always on sale cheap at Easter time. Perfect time to try another angel food from scratch. You have inspired me. hubby says he does not remember having a scrath ever. Oh, MY!

  8. *This is was my first A.F.C from scratch too. I’ve never tried it because somewhere I heard that is was difficult to get them to rise. Fortunately, this was not a problem for me. If you’d like to have Eleanor’s recipes, here ya go. Happy baking!*

    *Angel Food Cake*

    *1 c cake flour – sifted before measuring*

    *1 1/4 cups egg whites (10 or 12)*

    *1 1/2 tsp cream of tartar*

    *1 1/2 c sugar*

    *1 tsp almond flavoring*

    *1/4 tsp salt*

    Sift flour at least twice. Beat egg whites with beater until foamy; add cream of tartar and 1 cup of sugar gradually. Continue beating until egg whites stand up in peaks. Add almond flavoring. Sift remaining 1/2 cup of sugar with salt and flour, and very carefully fold into egg whites. Bake in tube pain in 375 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes.

    *Whipped Cream and Strawberries*

    *1 pint strawberries*

    *1/2 pint heavy cream, whipped*

    *1/2 cup sugar*

    Crush berries with sugar. Let stand 30 minutes. Carefully fold berries into whipped cream. Spoon on top of angel food cake.

  9. Nancy Jane

    Thank you for the recipe. When I have visited the Amish they make angel food in all colors and flavors. In Southern Living magazine a couple of years ago was tinted angel food cake. You use the old fashioned Kool Aid for the color and flavor. There is about a teaspoon in one of those, (no sugar), packets. 3/4 of it goes in the cake and the 1/4 goes in the frosting. Does not work well with box mixes as the artificial flavorings in there really throws it off. Pink Lemonade, cherry are good as well as Strawberry. Have not tried any others.

  10. M

    Corn muffins are much easier than a home made angel food cake!

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