Gone Astray

I’ve been working on a project for a week or so and had big plans to talk about it today…

but as life would have it, things changed.

On Thursday evening Goose tells me that she’s been working on a Social Studies project at school and has volunteered me to sew the project outfit.

Hmm, I say. Who are you studying?
John Sevier.
Okay, so when is it due?
Okay, I’ll see what I can do.

On Friday I Googled John Sevier to see what I was up against. If you’re interested, he looks like every other white-haired-wig-guy of that time.


On Saturday, we headed to Hancock Fabrics for a pattern and some felt. I also grabbed some white yarn for the wig.

On Sunday I finished it all up.. and may I present to you… John Sevier.















This was a fun little coat to make. I went with felt because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to hem any of the edges.  A+ for me on that idea… Felt made the job so much easier.  In fact, Goose helped with a lot of the sewing!

The wig was a hoot to make also.  It’s just a crocheted hat with clumps of yarn stitched in.  Looking at it now, I suppose I should have trimmed it up a bit.

Goose was pleased with the outcome too.  She was pretty excited to show the class.  Let’s hope all goes well.



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10 responses to “Gone Astray

  1. Fantastic job! What a great idea to use felt, I don’t think I would have thought of that! The wig is great, another creative thought! Goose should feel proud to be wearing such a great costume! Don’t you just love the way she volunteered you??? She knew you would do a great job!

  2. That is totally awesome! Man I wish I could sew!!

  3. Ha! I actually thought of you when she told me what she’d done. Remember all those bows you did for the cheer squad? 🙂

    She said another girl had originally volunteered for the job, but her mom said she wouldn’t be able to find what she needed to put the outfit together (she doesn’t sew).. So, the girl asked Goose if I’d make it for her. Of course Goose was smart enough to say that I’d only make it for my own daughter. hehe! & when she left out this morning she said she’d be mad if any of the other groups had a better costume. She worked hard on it too and loved that crazy wig.

  4. I would have known John anywhere! LOL. Great job.
    Something similar happened to me this week. A young friend asked me to make a colonial costume for her…just a skirt (but I through in an apron). She did not want to wear a bonnet (woot, woot…that would have been about a three hour project, and my pattern is lost in my disaster-struck sewing room). Of course I could not refuse her. I’m really glad she didn’t need to be John Seveir!
    I’ve enjoyed peeking in on you…it’s been far too long.
    I can’t wait to see the post you had planned for today. I finally got my knitting groove going. 🙂 It’ll be fun to see what you’ve got working…

  5. *It has been too long. The last we chatted I was grasping for time in order to hang on to this blog.. Honestly, that’s what I thought had happened to you. I’m glad it was just a computer issue. Projects are slow around here. I’ve drifted more toward “yarn” these days, and we both know those are not quick. I still don’t have the pre-JohnSevier project complete. I’ve been down with the stomach bug and then spent yesterday cleaning like a mad woman in hopes that no one else in my family will get it. Yuck. It’s a painful bug.

    I’m glad you stopped in. I’ll have to run over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to. Glad to have you back!*

  6. Jessica

    This is SO great (I was really tempted to say “sew great”!). You have come a long way in learning all of this stuff. Love it! And as always, your precious little girl is beautiful!

  7. Thanks girl! I have come a long way… but still have so far to go. 🙂 It’s good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  8. M

    This was too cute!! I am curious on how it went over when she got to school.

  9. It’s funny that you asked. 🙂 There was a lot of sickness in her class at this time… her group went first… then she had to wait 3 days to see if anyone came up with anything better. Tell me, do you think any other mother (in her right mind) would invest this much time in an outfit that would be worn for less than 20 minutes? I think not… She was the best dressed white-haired guy in the class.

  10. Michele Hellstern

    I’m a descendant of Gov. John Sevier and a mother to 6 children. I absolutely love what you created, and that he was studied in school! Thank you!

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