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Little Crocheted Skirt

I really wanted to make this skirt for myself… but thought better of it… old, fat legs aren’t really all that attractive. 🙂 So, again, I attempted to make something for Goose and only hoped that she’d wear it. While I was making it she promised she would.. And now that it’s complete.. less than 24 hours after the last stitch, she has it on and is off to school. Yippee!!

I think it’s darling.. and perfect with black tights and tall boots. Don’t you?

This skirt was very easy to whip up and only took a couple nights. The pattern is a slightly revised version of “Violet Beauregard” by Heather Dixon found in Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. For my version of the skirt, I had to scale it down because mine is for a child and the books is for an adult.. then I substituted the double crochet on the main body section for a tighter stitch that I picked up somewhere on blogland (??).. I don’t know the the correct name of the stitch and can’t link back, but it’s very much like a dc.

The difference is that you pull it through two stitches first and then one to complete it. It’s very tight and has a nicer texture. For the scalloped edging, I used the stitches the pattern called for, but I did not increase the size of my shell stitches with each round.. just kept them at 3dc, ch2, 3dc though out.

This skirt was totally worth my time and effort. And if Goose never wears it again, I’ll find a child who will. I love it too much to just pitch it in the Goodwill box. (Oh, how I wish my legs weren’t old, fat and ugly – hehehe)



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