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The Ice Cream Quilt Free Pattern

So, as I said, I’m not an expert quilter.. no where near.. and I don’t like to measure ANYTHING. My quilt was really made as if each block was its own project.. and then as an end result pieced together. I don’t like things too symmetrical or extremely well planned. This is my way.. I’m aware that most of you are the exact opposite 🙂 and that is why I’ve attempted to
put some type of order to this quilt (though I encourage you to “wing it” and break a few rules.. you’ll love the freedom). As a result of my madness, the free pattern pieces will not provide you with a quilt that measures exactly mine. I’ll leave the size of your quilt to your discretion.. The measurements given are roughly a queen size, which is what mine turned out to be. Your blocks should end up a little more symmetrical, and hopefully the whole process will take you less time. The binding is simply leftover scraps sewn together.. Some of you might have just gasped at that.. Yes, I know it won’t hold up as well as if it were just one solid piece of fabric.. but that fact doesn’t bother me in the least. If I have to go in a different direction down the road I will. A scrap binding is the look I wanted so I went for it. YOU choose the look that YOU love. That’s the beauty of handmade!

And here’s my disclaimer: I reserve the right to say that this quilt pattern will not be perfect (it’s just not in my nature :))

Good luck.. and if you make this quilt or anything made from my pattern I’d love, love, love it if you’d send me a link so that I can see what you’ve done with it. Happy quilting!




icecream block 1

“block 1”

icecream block 2

“block 2”

icecream block 3

block 3

icecream block 4

block 4

icecream block 5

block 5

icecream block 6

block 6

icecream block 7

block 7

icecream block 8

block 8

icecream block 9

block 9

icecream block 10

block 10

icecream block 11

block 11

icecream block 12

block 12



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