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The Ice Cream Quilt

Yes, I know I could have come up with a more creative name for this quilt (the 1st quilt that I designed myself), but it’s what I’ve been calling it for the last year and a half. That’s right, 1.5 years, on and off. The applique was fun.. the rest? Well, we’ll just leave that alone. I am not an expert quilter, nor will I call myself one. I’m just a dabbler…and because it took 1.5 years to finish, I’m sure that’s exactly where I’ll stay. 🙂

The inspiration for this project came to me through a rootbeer can. Here is the first block (not the rootbeer can) and post.

Today, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have it done! My design was an evolution with an outcome that I really love. The only regret that I have is that I wish I would have hand stitched the binding. I might have spent 1.5 years on the rest of it, but I was in a rush to get the finishing touches done. Goose’s B-day was yesterday and I decided that I absolutely had to give this quilt to her. Here’s my label.

She really liked it and I’m sure will appreciate it even more when she’s older.

Here’s my inspiration, in it’s complete form, for my baby girl as she hits the big “two-digit” years!







If you like it too check back, because I plan to post the block patterns soon for anyone who would like them… (that means you Cindy :).)



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