Easy Street

That’s exactly where I could be found last week! I was off work the entire week! And it snowed, so I got to stay at home and chill for several days. Loved it! On one of my free days I made these little pies.

Super easy to make… Buy the pre-made pie dough-sheets and some pie filling, use a couple cups to cut out small circles (one slightly bigger than the other), cover a mini-muffin pan with cooking spray, stuff the larger circle down into your mini-muffin pan, dab some filling in, and then slap the smaller circle on top. Cook at 425F for 13-15 minutes and wha-lah! Tiny pies!

And with your leftover pie crust scraps?

Spray a sheet pan with butter-flavor cooking spray, throw the scraps on, spray the dough with butter-flavor cooking spray, sprinkle on some sugar and cinnamon. Cook until lightly golden, then generously sift on large amounts of powdered sugar. These lasted all of 3 minutes before they were devoured by Goose and me.



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3 responses to “Easy Street

  1. We love pie dough cookies at our house too. So delicious–though I am going to have to try your version and add the powdered sugar.

  2. Okay, I love pre-made pie dough! This is a great idea for the scraps! I always felt guilty throwing them away! I definitely will try the mini pies and cooking the scraps. I have a lot of apple pie filling in the freezer from a bounty of apples a year and a half ago! This will probably be on our New Years Day menu! Thank You!

  3. I remember my granny making mini cinnamon rolls with her left over scraps.. this was just my lazy way of doing the same thing. 🙂

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