Saving Dead Presidents

So, Hubby remodeled our master bath several months ago (he’s almost done), and I’ve slowly but surely been putting the finishing touches on it. We went with the Venetian Bronze hardware on the faucets and shower door frame.. and naturally I wanted the “extras” in the same finish… Well, if you haven’t looked at this stuff you wouldn’t know that it’s expensive.. the trash can costs about 35 dollars. What??? 35 dollars for a small trash can??? Ridiculous!!! I could not bring myself to pay it. Instead I bought this:

Rust-oleum – Hammered – a little less than 8 dollars a can.
I sprayed our old, cheap-o, green trash can and saved myself some big bucks!

This ugly thing above become…

a beautiful, textured, bronze work of art.. (okay, a little dramatic as far as trash cans go).

Now, I won’t lie to you and say that the finishing is exactly that of the faucet and frame… Venetian Bronze has black in it… Rust-oleum – Hammered does not, but considering the distance from the trash can to the faucet and the amount of money I’m saving on this project, I’d say it’s close enough for my liking.

As for today, I’m feeling very smug and quite delighted with myself. I love saving money!



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5 responses to “Saving Dead Presidents

  1. Not dramatic at all, I would feel the same way! They aren’t sitting right next to each other, who will notice? You could do a little faux finishing to add the black, but considering the distance, it’s probably not worth it! 🙂 I love the finish you chose! No fingerprints left on the faucet and the color is devine! I am tempted to use that spray paint above on all our brass, but “they” say brass is on its way in again. Not that I let that bother me, getting rid of the fingerprints is more important to me! Great job Renee! You can spend the extra money on yarn or fabric! (I am sure that was your ulterior motive!)

  2. I’m looking around the house for things to cover with this paint. I’m thinking a few of my knick-knacks might look nice with a coat of this. Not only is it pretty, but it seems as though it’s going to be very durable. It doesn’t scratch like regular spray paint. I thought about spraying Goose’s faucet with it too. Her’s is not brass but silver. If I do it, I’ll let you know how it holds up.

  3. steph

    I will steal this idea for when we do our bathroom! You go girl, it looks awesome!!!!!

  4. Betty

    HeHeHe… I just had to chuckle at myself.. after I read the post, I was thinking what in the world does that trash can have to do with presidents!!! Oh, I get it. MULAH! I really laughed out loud at my own flighty moment. Anyway, this is a great idea. Never thought about covering plastic trash cans with paint. I like the look of those expensive trash cans, but wasn’t paying that kind of money. I will have to try this out!

  5. Lorenzo

    Did you use a clear coat for the finish? Or just coats of the Hammered spray and thats it?

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