The Girl

I was downloading my pics the other day.  Don’t you just love what that camera unfolds? This was among many pictures that Goose had taken.

It totally cracks me up… her, strutting her stuff. I love how she has her hip stuck out like she’s ALL THAT. She walks around here, weighing in at all of 50 pounds, with her big girl attitude. I know in a milli-second she’s going to be a teenager.. with her eyes rolling at every offer of advice that I have. You know it’s true too.. I mean, just look at her. And if she’s anything like me at that age, she’ll spend every moment that she’s home in her room!
Oh indeed, tough times are only days away for this ol’ mama.



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2 responses to “The Girl

  1. I think the tough part is how quick the change is! One day they love you to death and WANT to be with you all the time. The next day, they don’t want to be seen with you and love to be in their room, doing nothing!

  2. I dread the whole thing. I’m hoping to find at least one thing that we both *really* enjoy doing together before the change happens. Just something that I can occasionally use as a go-to quality-time-together activity. Right now, my biggest hope is cooking..but I don’t think that’s going to stick for too long. Any suggestions?

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