A Short Post Filled with Dry Humor

Folks who think they must always speak the truth overlook another good choice – silence.

My kid told me this weekend that “Aunt Helen makes pretty things.” :O



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4 responses to “A Short Post Filled with Dry Humor

  1. Wow! Love the quote up there! Too bad Goose didn’t see that quote. So the big question is what did Aunt Helen make that caught Goose’s eye???

  2. Yes, teaching a almost 10 yr old to keep quite can sometimes being a challenge. 🙂 I believe the “pretty” thing was a wreath for her front door. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have seen it, but I might have to make a special visit.. or at least a drive-by. I’m sure that it had evergreen and pine-cones, because Aunt Helen loaded her up with a bunch of it and sent it all home. & now it sits on our kitchen table..with all the other Christmas stuff that I’ve pulled out of the attic but have done nothing with. The house is a pig-sty!!

  3. Am I seeing things or do I see snow on your blog????

  4. No worries!! Your eyes are fine. Snow is a WordPress option… I checked the box a couple years back and now, when Dec. rolls around, it’s like magic.. it begins a slow descent! & it happened in real life too! Dec. 1st we got our first flurries. How about you all? I’m ready for Christmas now.. even got most of my shopping complete. Mostly, I just lack gift cards and such. Nothing too big. I’m even excited about all the cooking I have to do. It’s been a few since I’ve been *ready* for it to be here… usually I’m scrabbling around in a panic.

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