Part II: Shrug Story

Do you think people would notice if I wore this everyday?

I love her so! The color is fabulous! When buying the yarn I had some debate as to which color to choose (there were so many), but looking at her now I know I made the right choice. As I said in my other post, this is Baby Alpaca Grande. It is soft, very soft.. and heavy, just the perfect weight for me.

And this Plymouth pattern was also perfect for me.. or any beginner knitter really. Simple, clear instructions all neatly printed on one page. Simple stitches that result in a very versatile shrug. I can tone it down with jeans or dress it up with slacks. Did I mention that I love her!!

This project has made me Plymouth’s newest fan. Thankfully my local knit shop carries a nice selection of both the patterns and the yarns.

Pattern: Plymouth Yarn Co. #26 (here)
Yarn: Baby Alpaca Grande, 5 balls, Col 600
Needles: US 10.5
Finished Size: 46.5
Modifications: None.



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6 responses to “Part II: Shrug Story

  1. That is ADORABLE! I love the color! I can’t believe you got it done so quick! So worth taking out your mistakes and starting again!

  2. That came out very nice. And you’re right, very versatile!

  3. It was totally worth redoing. It truly is my favorite “yarn” project to date. I’m wearing it again on Thanksgiving… and I don’t care who notices :). It really didn’t take that long to knit… but I feel like it’s taken an eternity because of my silly mistake. To think, I could have had two of these babies for the amount of time I spent on just this one. Next time I will read the instructions better.

  4. Thank you. The pattern was so simple. If you’ve ever thought of knitting, I totally suggest giving this a shot. I think a nice charcoal gray color would be perfect too.

  5. Oh WOW!! Renee, that shrug is beeeeauuutifull! I LOVE the color and the fit is so pretty. I would definitely wear that everyday.

  6. I’ve been thinking about you!!! With the move and all, will you be crocheting? Even without a teacher, you can do it! Get yourself a simple and free scarf pattern.. such as this one.. If anything is unclear, just head to youtube and type in crochet and the stitch abbreviation and it will show you exactly what to. By doing exactly this is how I made this little shrug. I love YouTube!

    Is everything falling into place for you and your family? I sure hope so!!

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