Shh, Don’t Tell

But I love this dog. He’s such a good boy! Sure, he’s given me some grief: here and here.. but having him has been worth putting up with all of that mischief.

He’s so sweet.. and pretty much a sissy.. his daddy once had to pull a 3-legged dog off of him because he was getting his butt kicked.. his best friend is a lazy bassett hound.. and he prefers his ball over girl-dogs anyday.

He has absolutely no manners what-so-ever.. he’ll knock you down in a heart beat if you try to get out the backdoor or down the stairs before him.. and all games are off if daddy shakes the truck keys.

He cracks me up the way he prances when he walks.. the way he barks at wasps.. and that he won’t look at you when you’re loving on him.

I know you’re not suppose to favor one over the other, but this dog has my heart.. just look at him

He’s totally my favorite.



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2 responses to “Shh, Don’t Tell

  1. That 1st picture cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it! And don’t worry I won’t tell a soul!

  2. Betty

    Somehow I think he got it honest… I can see Aaron in all of those pictures. 🙂

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