I’m Sick

Okay, after working and working and dragging that stinkin’ shrug around with me everywhere I went… I was indeed doing it wrong. There’s just no way a tube shape can form into a shrug.

Trust me, I’ve tugged and pulled and NO. It ain’t happening. When I should have been working in rows, I was in fact working in rounds. I assumed that because the pattern called for a circular needle I was to work in the round. NO (totally not the patterns fault..no where did it say to do that). So, I’ve pulled it all out and will begin again. Cough, cough……gag.



Filed under knitting

2 responses to “I’m Sick

  1. Oh, how sickening! I am proud you didn’t throw it in a corner and say “Maybe one day I will finish it!” Unfortunately that is the way we learn a lot of things!

  2. Remember, I paid a lot of $$ for that yarn? If it wasn’t for that one simple thing I probably would have junked it. But you’re right, I have learned several things… So, it’s all good!

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