1st 48 and Stitches

Do you ever watch The First 48? It comes on Thursday’s at 9pm on A&E. I’m not a big TV watcher, but this show really gets me. It scares the crap out of me, and at the same time amazes me to no end. It’s “Real life investigations by crime scene investigators, detectives and homicide detectives from around the country…” The scary part? The disregard for life by criminals. The fascinating part? How incredibly smart our police force is!

The last episode I watched: a woman who had lost her job and home was leaving the storage unit in which she had all her belongings stored… two early 20 males decide to steal her purse (which has nothing of value in it because she lost her job, lost her house – me shaking my head). As one male grabs for her purse, the gun goes off and the woman is dead. It’s at this point that I wish for him to get life in prison with nothing but bread and water. Then, as the detective is interviewing him and he begins to cry and says his child is turning one in a month, I wish somehow a mentor or someone had gotten to him first and steered his life in the opposite direction. So many lives changed by stupid, careless, actions. It’s sad.. it’s scary.. it’s fascinating. – The First 48 – Thursday’s at 9 on A&E. It’s really good!

And on another note, my new, irresistibly soft, shrug.. she’s coming along. Knit one, purl one. I hope to have her done within the next couple weeks. Right now I’m trying to figure out how a tube shape is going to form into what the pattern’s picture shows. Hmmm, I hope it comes to me. I’d hate to complete the whole thing only to figure out that I did it all wrong.



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3 responses to “1st 48 and Stitches

  1. I have watched that show too. I always just “happen” to find it when I am channel surfing. It is really good and tragic at the same time! I will be sure to look for it this Thursday. I’m crossing my fingers for the shrug! The yarn looks so soft and I love the color!

  2. Love the shrug and know it will all turn out. Sometimes there are patterns that you just have to go on “blind faith” that the designer knew what they were doing.

  3. The show really makes me appreciate our law enforcement all the more. You have to be really smart in order to trick someone into telling on themselves for such horrible things – especially knowing that they will be going to jail for a looong time .

    I’m thinking that I might start adding a bit more of ME on this blog. That’s totally breaking my “Craftiness Only” rule, but I’m thinking it might keep me interested in blogging. I’m losing my steam.. in fact, I’ve been struggling for several months. I’m crafting.. it’s just that most times I don’t feel like taking the picts and writing up the story. I’m hoping it helps.. and I’m hoping it won’t bore you to death.

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