Part I: Shrug Story

A few weeks back a friend and I took a walk on our lunch break.. just to get out of the office and warm up a bit. It was a pretty day, not too warm, not too cold. We decided the yarn store a couple blocks away would be the perfect destination. I took some money, you know, just in case. We browsed a few minutes and that’s when I spotted it.. the prettiest shrug, knitted with the perfect yarn.
Terri, the owner of the shop, took it down from its hanger and let me try it on. That’s all it took. One millisecond.. I could not resist. I bought the yarn and pattern right then and there.
The pattern is by Plymouth Yarn, NO26, Baby Alpaca Grande: Shrug/Vest.

The yarn? Yes, Baby Alpaca.. and No, we will NOT discuss its price. Not now, not ever. NO. NO! But I will say, It is worth every cent.. the softest yarn you’ll ever feel.

I’m half afraid to use it though.. in fear that it will unravel, or that I’ll mess up the pattern. So, it’s been sitting in the bag I brought it home in. I won’t touch it, and I’ve already yelled at both hubby and Goose for messing with it.

And that brings me to present time.. I’ve finally decided it would be safest to do a dry run with some left over yarn from another project. Oh, and did I mention, this is my first time working in the round.. you know, with a circular needle?  Well, it is.

I know, I’ve lost my mind!

The pattern begins with K2-P2… Remember?? the same stitches that I omitted from my socks because I was sure that I wasn’t talented enough to keep my cast-on-stitches straight.

So, here I go.. and guess what? A circular needle makes this step much simpler.. I dodged a bullet. 🙂

And then guess what else? I dodged another, because I know how to do all the stitches that the pattern calls for – something you would have thought I would have check out BEFORE buying all the supplies..but no.

Knit 2 together and purl 2 together.. Easy peasy.
Knit in the front and the back of each stitch.. I got this!!!

So I’m feeling pretty confident, and I think I’m about ready to pull out the good stuff and dive in to the real deal. Let’s hope my dodging reflex holds up. If I mess up this yarn I may never knit again (okay, not really.. just me being a little dramatic).



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2 responses to “Part I: Shrug Story

  1. What a cute shrug! I can’t wait to see the finished project! Sometimes I get like that with fabric. I like it so much and I want to make sure I use it for something special, that it just sits there. I am sure you will do great, especially now that you have practiced!

  2. Kind of like that stupid Ice Cream quilt I’ve been working on for 2 years!! It’s been laying there so long the dust has built up.. the black with white polka dots is now all gray. 🙂 I had the pieces out Saturday, scattered all over the bed, trying to figure out what I need to do next. I have discovered that I don’t like to quilt! The applique was fun… sewing everything else? Not so much. I keep saying it’s going to be next on my list.. and then moving it back to the bottom. Maybe soon.

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