Lighting Jackolanterns

The creative work of my hubby

Happy Halloween!



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2 responses to “Lighting Jackolanterns

  1. They are so intricate! I can’t make out the first one, the second one is a werewolf, or vicious dog! I take it hubby likes to carve pumpkins. I always do the classic jack o lantern – I am so original! I really don’t know why I never thought of doing anything different! Hopefully I will get my pumpkin carving done tomorrow! I will try to be original……..maybe not! Why can’t I be creative with everything else but my pumpkins?????

  2. He does this every year. He says it’s for Goose, but I think he just likes to do it. The first one is a burning skeleton and yes, the second a werewolf. It’s funny that you mentioned the classic jack. Hubby said that when we were kids jackolanterns took 5 minutes to carve.. today at least 20. Technology and a competitive spirit has complicated our jacks. I personally like the classics! Hope yours turned out!!

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