A Gift-Giver

Goose is a gift-giver… maybe it’s her age or maybe it’s destined to be her love-language.. In either case, she’s always stuffing things in bags to give a way. When she was a bit younger she’d draw pictures for all the relatives or hand out Little Debbie cakes. Gift-giving is her thing. (If only I was half as thoughtful.)

About a month ago, Goose came home from school asking if we could make a coke-tab bracelet for one of her friends. You see, this friend LOVES Twilight and had seen the female Twilgiht star on TV wearing such a bracelet. I agreed to the craft project.. but, never quite got around to sitting down to do it. (No surprises there!!)
So, when Goose asked this past weekend to make Halloween earings, I allowed the guilt to creep in. When the girl wants to give something away.. she wants to give something away.  So, This is what we came up with…

It’s stickers stuck to heavy cardstock, hardened by mod-podge, and lightly dusted with clear glitter. So much easier than rounding up thirty or so coke can tabs, don’t ya think? I drilled little holes through the tops and fastened them to earring hardware.  No big deal.

Now, Goose has gifts.



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2 responses to “A Gift-Giver

  1. Goose has CUTE gifts! Love!

  2. Cute earrings and I love that Goose loves to give gifts. She has a good kind heart!

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