My Niece, Crochet Beanies & Christmas

A few weeks ago my niece asked if I could show her how to crochet. She loves crochet hats and has decided she wants to make a few of her own!! I love this!! So, I showed her how to chain-stitch and single-stitch.. and told her after she was comfortable with those two to then visit YouTube. I wish we’d had more time. I would love to get really involved in teaching her, but she’s 17 years old and loves to play the role of a social butterfly. So, she’ll probably have more time for YouTube than old aunt Renee. In any case, this whole scenario prompted me to start in on my Christmas gifts.

This is my first present of the year… a slouchy beanie.

Look at the puff stitches, I heart them. It’s a new stitch for me and it was super easy to do! The hat only took one skein and a couple hours here and there.. Again, mostly while I sat in gym.

You can find the pattern here.
My yarn: Caron Simply Soft – black



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2 responses to “My Niece, Crochet Beanies & Christmas

  1. Christmas presents already? Way to go Renee, I am proud of you! Your hat looks great! (I am convinced you live at the gym, you get so much accomplished there!)

  2. I feel like I live at the gym… we’re there 5 hours a week. & I pay enough to consider it rent. 🙂 The positive is that Goose loves it and I get a good fix of yarn. I’m afraid that my blog is become one of crochet/knit… I haven’t turned on my sewing machine in ages.

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