Go Big Orange!



My daughter’s new Big Orange Tank was inspired by my sweet blogging friend, Cindy. She recently posted this picture that had me smiling from ear to ear. If you’re a Vol fan you can totally relate. Vol fans are unique, and in my opinion the greatest fans in college football! If you’re on the team, YOU’RE ON THE TEAM!!! My comment to her…

Ironically the color comes from Common American Daisies that grew voluntarily on the hill. Preachers will tell you it’s the color GOD made sunsets.. but for more than a hundred years most of the faithful have called it Tennessee Orange.. Pasted down for generations, we wear it like a badge of courage.. Folks who ain’t from around here wouldn’t be caught dead in it.. but for us, it’s life. And life is orange and white!” – Vol Network

Sigh.. Beautiful words. 🙂

Whatever you call this color: Common American Daisies, sunsets, life.. Peaches & Creme calls it Sun Burst. The pattern was a bit of a “wing it” moment on my part.

Go Vols! Just give our boys another year or two of college experience and we’ll rule the SEC!



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2 responses to “Go Big Orange!

  1. It is absolutely adorable! The ribbon you found is perfect for it! Could this possibly be reversible?? I think your a pro at “winging” it!
    Saturday’s game was sooo upsetting! It thought we had it won! A boost of confidence to the team would have been great! I agree a year or two and we will be on top! Go Vols!!!

  2. *Oh, I know!! Saturday’s game was crazy. I know we’re not winning, but I’m so proud of our boys… They’re just babies yet.. stumbling out of high school.. and yet they’re really playing way above what most freshmen play. So, we’ve got a young team.. just means we’ll have a few years longer with them. Go Vols!!!*

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