Daily Life

“Koalas are sometimes called koalas bears, but they are not bears at all. They are marsupial mammals, that means they have a pouch for their babies and hair on their bodies.”  –  A sentence from Goose’s science project.

In school, she’s talking about plants and animals that are either endangered or have had a significant decline in their population. I don’t know why she chose Koalas, but I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that they’re cute little critters. Along with her paper and poster board, the project called for an object.

Hmm, an object? The only objects we could think of were eucalyptus leaves and stuffed animals. We had neither. Fortunately, I stumbled across a pattern and whipped up this little guy.

I thought he would worked fine as an “object”… But, Goose came home after turning her project in and said, “I don’t think my teacher liked it. She stapled it to the poster board, and you can’t get a staple out of yarn.”

She’s right, removing bent wire from yarn can be very tricky. 🙂 We’ll see how he fares once she brings him back home.

Whether or not Goose’s teacher liked her crochet koala, Goose still made a 99% on her project.. Totally worth the time it took to make the little guy… even if he doesn’t survive his accident with the stapler.

And another bit of info that you might like to know.. “Koalas have padded butts for sitting in the trees all day.”  🙂

Just a typical day at our house.



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4 responses to “Daily Life

  1. How cute! Maybe the teacher just didn’t want anyone to take off with the cute little Koala! But ouch!!! Congrats to Goose on her great project! I like that last little bit of info on the Koalas, something I didn’t know and very interesting! I wish I had a Koala butt, I really need a little padding!

  2. *I have already learned that this year’s teacher must be taken lightly. She doesn’t beat around the bush or sugar coat anything. I like her, but she doesn’t hold back. LOL

    So, you need a little padding? I wish I could give you some of mine. I’m still working on my diet, but I’m having to substitute (which is a big no-no) … I love tuna but I don’t think I can continue to eat it. It’s become a bit much. If only I could give you my last 7 pounds as your new padding life would be good. :)*

  3. Love the Koala…live or crocheted. I hope Goose was misreading the teacher. It looks like she worked hard on her project.

  4. *It’s okay if Goose’s teacher didn’t like the Koala.. I’ll take it in stride. Every school year is different.. as long as Goose learns something I’m happy. & you’re right, she did work hard on her project. I’m taking your advice and letting her work more on her own… without me telling her 17 times to do something.. Her grades have suffered some, but I’m hoping in the long run she’ll be better off. If you ever need a few facts on Koalas she’s your girl! 🙂 *

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