And The Other (A post of encouragement)

I’ve dreamed of these socks for over a year. It was the fear of failure that kept me from them. On occasion I’d pull out the yarn and needles and think to myself, “You can’t do it on your own. You need the help of the ladies at your knitting group.”  The only problem with this was that I didn’t have time to attend the knitting group. So, the materials laid there.. and laid there.

A couple of weeks ago I convinced myself that I had to try. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t about to throw 30 some dollars (yarn & needles) away for nothing. And so I took a big, deep breath and dove in. Yes, it was hard. Learning something new usually is, but I kept trying. Time and time again, I pulled those loops off my needles and started new. And, I have to say, I really didn’t want to start the second sock. The thought of all that mayhem again was not something I looked forward to. But, again, I made myself…I mean, what good is one sock? And to my amazement, the second sock was a lot easier.. probably much easier than if I had waited 2 years to finish it. So, let me encourage you… Don’t be afraid to try. You CAN knit a pair of socks, or whatever else it is that you want to make. I know because I did it. Yes, you’ll need to be patient and yes, you’ll have to rip out stitches.. but you can do it. You can!! Just try.



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2 responses to “And The Other (A post of encouragement)

  1. They look great! It’s amazing how once you set your mind to something, you can accomplish it! It may not have been easy, but you did it and the next pair will be even easier!!

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