Learning To Knit Socks – Part V

The sock

One of the most rewarding and frustrating ‘garments’ I’ve ever made. Sure, there are plenty of mistakes.. plenty.. I now understand how someone can go two years before finishing the mate (tell me the 2nd one will be easier).

But I’m gonna give myself a little slack.. After all, I know almost absolutely nothing about knitting.. and this IS my very first sock. I do love her just the same as if she were perfect. She is pretty, soft, and oh so warm.

Oh, and the pattern? I used two different ones and about 5 youtube videos.. Me proving you CAN ‘wing it’ when it comes to knitting. 🙂



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2 responses to “Learning To Knit Socks – Part V

  1. I would think that “winging” you did would have been much harder than following one pattern. You must be a genius to put them all together! Especially when you don’t know much about knitting! I think it looks great! Have you started on the other one??

  2. A sock is really broke down into sections..or at least it is in my eyes.. the cast on.. the tube shape.. the heel.. the arch.. and the toe.. I took it one step at a time and just made do, getting the jest of the pattern and making it up with what I already had on my needles. To me, making it up is * way* easier than trying to understand a pattern.

    I’m working on the other sock.. hopefully it will be completed at Saturday’s gymnastic session.

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