4th Grade Book Bag

This year’s book bag is complete. It’s my best one yet..

and even better, I drafted the pattern myself!

Here’s the back

and the inside.

I love it and Goose does too…which is amazing because she never likes anything I make.

The Volkswagen embroidery came from Cool Coloring Pages . It was the one thing she specifically asked for.

Here she is full and hanging on the closet door.. just waiting for Goose to open her up to do her homework! 🙂



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4 responses to “4th Grade Book Bag

  1. It’s adorable! I love the mix of fabrics you used and the rick rack, not to mention the adorable embroidered Volkswagen! I bet she will get a lot of compliments on it!

  2. *Funny! Goose picked it all out.. well, she wanted orange zippers which I couldn’t find.. thus the orange ric-rac. In any case, she is the master-mind behind this look. I’ll tell her you liked it. And you’re right, she has gotten tons of compliments.. one little girl’s mother even offered to PAY for one. Made my day.*

  3. jenny

    im intereted in purchaing your lovely 4th grade bag for my daughter. How can i get one ?

  4. Do you sew? I’m sorry to say that I no longer have enough of that fabric to make another bag.. but I’d be happy to share the pattern.

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