Jazzing Up My Workout Tank

This is such a cute and quick little shrug. I immediately thought it’d be perfect as a summer tank coverup.. The average temp. at the office runs about 68 to 70 degrees. That’s a bit cold for me. So when I read that this granny square shrug was made with thick yarn I knew she would be mine. I chose Lion Brand’s Homespun – Mixed Berries because the color matched my five dollar workout tank perfectly 🙂 ..and you just can’t get thick yarn any softer. The entire time I was working on my squares I kept thinking how wonderful it would feel against my skin… and she does. My only issue with this gem is the length. I like my sweaters to fall at the top of my behind.. but in order to do that the sleeves would have to be longer than I wanted.. (this shrug is simply two granny squares.. If one side grows so does the other).. So, I stopped crocheting when the sleeves measured to my liking and stitched the two squares together.. Then I added two rows of single stitch, one row of: (Sk 1 sc, dc in next sc, ch 1), and one last row of single stitch. This added about two inches on the bottom.

Now she’s good in length and even sweeter with a ribbon. I like her, and, oh, she’s so soft! I can’t tell you how many complements I received. Granny-Chic, you gotta love it!

Pattern: Kootoyoo’s Granny Shrug found here… complete with video.



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7 responses to “Jazzing Up My Workout Tank

  1. Destiny

    Hi Renee,
    I love this! Especially the colors & yes the ribbon gives it something. Destiny

  2. Letha Cross

    Beautiful. I’ve made them for my dolls, now I want one! Love that color, too.

  3. Barbara


    Like the jacket. I want my first try for my granddaughter. Not exactly sure of her size (email is out to her mother) but she will be 4 the end of Dec. Any suggestions?
    If that one turns out OK, I have another DGD, older and larger.

  4. Love the color! The ribbon makes the shrug! That was a wonderful idea!
    I’m still trying to grasp the 2 granny squares thing??? I think I see the one big granny square as being the sweater itself, but where is the other one? (the sleeves?)

  5. *I think it will be a terrific little sweater for your granddaughter. The sizing is really easy once your square (hexagon) starts growing.. you’ll see. I wear a medium top and it took 10 rounds for the size you see in the pictures. Of course it will really depends on the size hook you use. Choose whatever size hook you like best.. you really can not mess this up. :)*

  6. I’ve called it a square and a hexagon.. but it really has five sides.. so I guess it’s a pentagon. (Suppose I need to brush up on my geometry knowledge 🙂 ) It’s a tricky little fold.. the center of your pentagon will be that part that’s under your arm.. you want it to lay as a half of a “T”… that’s why you’ll need two.. to make the full “T”.. just stitch them together down the back. It’s really easy once you get going. Are you gonna try it? (Can you tell I’m pushing you to become a “hooker” every chance I get?)

  7. Pauline Edwards

    Just discover this I would love to have the pattern

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