As I’ve mention before, I work in radio. It’s a peculiar little vocation.. nothing too glamorous or fascinating. We do have our perks: free food, tickets, T-shirts, memorable.. and we do meet and see all types of people come through our occasional Rock Star, Beauty Queen, Race Car Driver.. whatever.. But, the strangest thing about working in radio is that every now and then you get a glimpse at how sad and miserable people can feel. It’s not something you’d expect from radio, and I’m always taken back by it… Usually it’s a stocker to one of the DJs that gets our attention but, a while ago one of our DJs received this letter…

This man is thanking a couple of jocks for saving his life. He had cut his wrists and then had called them to say goodbye.

How terrible is this? Not only that he wanted to take his own life.. that he was so starved for attention that he would resort to something so unthinkable..but that he wanted to speak with people he didn’t even know while doing it.

Of course the DJs persuaded the man to tell them where he was and then they called the police and they intervened.. but, this totally breaks my heart. And even sadder, this poor man sent one of the DJs five dollars to give to her daughter.. kind of as repayment for stopping him. (Did your mouth just hit the floor? I know mine did.) I’m sure this poor man must suffer with mental problems, but this is horrifying..and very humbling.

I know I don’t usually put things like this here, but I thought I might share something personal for a change.  I’m very bothered by this and can’t seem to get this out of my head.



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2 responses to “Sad

  1. Wow. How sad. And this doesn’t seem like the first time, from his note. I pray that somehow he will find some peace and healing.

  2. This is sad, but he definitely wanted to be saved or he wouldn’t have made that call to the DJ’s! He must be a very lonely person! I hope he finds some peace, love and acceptance!

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