Remember a couple months back when I had grand ideas of a porch filled with beautiful flowers?

This is not exactly what I had in mind.

The Camomile sprouted but, failed to produce much of a bloom.. and the worst part, it appears that Camomile attracts ants. Terrific! So, my porch is lame again this year. You win some, you lose some. I guess there’s a reason those garden centers charge so much. 🙂  Maybe I should give Impatiens a shot next Spring. I’ve heard they’re fairly easy to start from seed. Or maybe I might just suck it up and buy some geraniums. 🙂 We’ll see.



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4 responses to “Pathetic

  1. My chamomile hasn’t done so great this year either. I’ve not gotten a single bloom. I’ve been wondering if the extreme heat has hampered it. Last year it did much better. It will stick around for a repeat season, you know. (?) I haven’t noticed ants being a problem with it…have you had lots of rain? That’s when ants seem be be a problem for us.


  2. You got a lot farther than I did with the plants! Mine never made it to the pots. Son #2’s girlfriend threw them away (I can’t throw plants away, I keep thinking if I nurture them enough they will be beautiful. I evidentially did not inherit my Dad’s green thumb). They were so pathetic! I think next year I am going to do the sweet potato vines (super simple to grow) and buy geraniums.

  3. *How funny! I can’t throw plants away either. If they’re still living I have to tend to them. It’s the nurturer in me I guess. I did have a few snapdragons and sunflowers that made it to outside soil, but it’s been so dry that I can’t water them fast enough before they whither. It’s funny, last year we had so much rain that I only watered once all summer. This summer, I could water everyday and I don’t think it would be enough. Who knows.. maybe next summer. :)*

  4. *This was my very first experience with chamomile so I really didn’t know what to expect. It has been very hot with little rain.. but I’ve watered them regularly. ??Who knows?? And as for the ants, I just wish they’d go away. They’ve not been very fun to deal with… but, at least they’ve stayed outside this year. Usually they find their way to my kitchen sink… So, even though the chamomile fail for my porch I will be grateful for that. :)*

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